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A stop in Hampton, Virginia, on Friday. My message to all of you is quite simple, Thank you, president, singling African the contributions of soldiers who have served repeated tours overseas and their families who he described as the backbone of the military. The CDC has released new guidelines for summer camps, relaxing the rules that had in place from last summer. The CDC relax its guidelines for summer camp, saying vaccinated teens or adolescents do not need to wear masks at camp at all. Those under 12 do not have to mask outside, but they do indoors. Key points where staff and campers alike are fully vaccinated. Full capacity is okay. No mask, no distancing unvaccinated campers again. No mask outside, Unless in areas crowded or people are together for a long time. Camper should be grouped and stay together the entire session. And finally, even if everybody is vaccinated, anyone who wants to wear a mask should be supported as Fox is William La Jeunesse. All government agencies are expected to be on board with a new system of managing security clearances. This Fox is Rachel Southerland. It's called continuous Vetting, Trusted. Workforce two point Oh, eliminates the need for government workers to be re investigated every 5 to 15 years. The government says the system also speeds up the security clearance process and will help clear a backlog of cases. Defense, Counterintelligence and security agency says by the end of 2023, all agencies and contractors will be part of the program, which monitors employees for security risks. Rachel Sutherland Toxins in the NHL playoffs. The Vegas Golden Knights top the Minnesota Wild to advance to the second round. The night's winning the serious four games to three NBA playoffs. Celtics Clippers and Hawks. You're winners Friday night. I'm Christie Mae. Oh, this'd Fox News Getting families vaccinated against coping. 19 is an important step to bringing back joy for all of us..

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