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Why the hell do you care if I am That means you have such little faith in the vaccine. That it is bizarre that you would push it. Okay, That's that's the most obvious problem with with the vaccine with the with this type of mandate. That The You want it done? Even if it's Even When you believe that it doesn't work. Then there is the issue of those who had covid. Why would anybody who has the best possible immunity natural immunity be forced to take a vaccination? And then to claim you have science. Now. There are many other issues forcing Children to take it is child abuse, pure, unadulterated child abuse. I want to, um Review. Listen to this from Israel, one of the most two or three months vaccinated countries in the world. Israel confirmed cases July 4th to July 31st. Okay, That's the summer. Can blow your mind. Ages, 20 to 29. Fully vaccinated. Who got confirmed cases. You're with me. I'll read it to you. I bet it's best to read it to you in percentages. The clearest What percentage of fully vaccinated Israelis, 20 to 29. Have confirmed cases of covid 77.2. Percentage of population. That fully vaccinated is 71.9. The percentage of cases fully vaccinated that have covid 30 to 39 78.3 40 to 49 83.9 50 to 59 86%. 60 to 69 92% 70 to 79 93%. But that's something Of confirmed cases in Israel. With Covid. That's the percentage of fully vaccinated And by the way, just for the record. Like in the say the 70 to 79 age group 92.8% of Israelis of that age group are vaccinated, fully vaccinated. Peace in the intelligence that's New York magazine. It's not a right wing source. The juicy This is the second shop giving young men a dangerous heart condition. With data. June two. Wouldn't it at the time, an official Israeli report Found a striking correlation between Covid 19 mrna vaccinations and a spike in cases of a heart inflammation condition in young males. Which appears likely to lead the country to revisit its recommendation that Children receive two doses of the vaccine. The report found over 110 cases of myocarditis around the time of vaccination, 95 of which occurred following the second advisors to dose regimen. This translates to a rate of roughly one in 50,000. However, most of the people who developed the heart condition where young men with a particularly high incidents for those aged 16 to 24 putting their rate. At around one in 5000. These findings raise the likelihood of a causal link between the vaccine and myocardial itis states. The report This is in the most vaccinated country in the West. That this report has come out. This is the most pro vaccine country we know of. The findings raise the likelihood of a causal link between the vaccine and Maya card I to states the report presented by committee that was appointed by the county countries. Health Ministry to investigate a possible connection between Maya card itis and the vaccines. A detailed analysis at Hadassah Medical Center. Which is Israel's most prestigious medical center, A major hospital serving the Greater Jerusalem Mary Jerusalem area found that cases of Meyer card itis at the facility were 5 to 25 times the normal number over the same time span and previous years. Drawer Morava. The head of internal Medicine and the Covid 19 award at Hadassah to told intelligencer. This potentially puts the state The rate as high as one in 3000 to 1 in 6000 vaccinated young men, he said. Mubarak, who spent Who also headed the National Committee to investigate the myocarditis link said that over a span of three months The hospital. So 20 cases of Meyer card itis when a typically sees four 19 of the 20 cases were young males age 16 to 30 18 of the 20 cases presented within four days of the second vaccine dose. The patients all had chest pain or difficulty breathing, ruling out that the condition was a symptomatic and caught inadvertently by general tests. Only two patients of the 20 had evidence of past infection. Eliminating any correlation with Covid 19 itself rather than the vaccine, Dorothy Israeli physicians suggested that it's possible his committee found a seemingly definitive link. While the US has not because Israel is a small country, and it's easier within their system to find a signal faster. He predicts the CBC will change its assessment. I don't believe so because the CDC it's not a truth telling.

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