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And the New York conversation. Hmm. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to get stronger before it comes ashore along the West Coast of Florida tonight or early tomorrow. The National Hurricane Center says Elsa will likely be near hurricane strength when it makes landfall north of Tampa. Currently, the storms top sustained winds are at 60 MPH, a dozen counties in Florida are under a state of emergency. In South Florida. Teams have recovered 28 bodies from the rubble of a partially collapsed high rise condo near Miami Beach. It gave way 12 days ago. 117 people are still listed as missing. NPR's Adrian Florido says rains and winds from Tropical Storm Elsa have been slowing efforts at the site. The storm has also brought outbursts of lightning and it's at those times that Miami Dade County Mayor Daniel Levine Cava said search efforts have had to stop temporarily. But she said rescuers have been getting back on the pile. As soon as it's safe again. They've worked under this great difficulty, and they have pulled shifts to rotate because that's how much they want to be out there. Searching the first responders are the most frustrated by any delays we have experienced while hope for survivors has dimmed, it is still officially a rescue mission. The mayor has not said when the primary focus will turn to the recovery of bodies. Adrian Florido NPR NEWS Miami This is NPR news. This is morning edition on W N. Y. C at 8 31. Good morning. I'm Carrie Nolan. The NYPD is preparing for tomorrow's ticker tape parade along the Canyon of Heroes. To honor essential workers during the pandemic. The parade goes up Broadway in Lower Manhattan and ends at City Hall, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea told New York one It will be personal for his department. To me. It's just an opportunity. Pause reflect on on the tremendous tall that really the whole country. But certainly this city has had over the last year year and a half 57 members of the NYPD died from Covid 19. The parade will start at 11 o'clock, and Nurse Sandra Lindsay of Queens who was the first person in the US to receive the coronavirus vaccine will serve as grand marshal. And there's good news for patrons of the New York Public Library. Starting today, Nearly all branch locations will reopen with close to full service. That means general library use and seeding, unlimited browsing and computer access. But the library says masks are still mandatory in all.

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