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But i really would love to learn how to do a hand-drawn puppetry which is the Like sesame street puppets Because they are very different than the kind of puppets i've worked with in the past. I'd really love to learn a tap dancing a heavily hard time with my left and my right and that is one of the things that you cannot have a problem with when your tap dancing and i been looking into it. It's really hard to find in new york city. But i really wanna learn how to do. Really advanced prosthetic makeup. Like like movie monster kind of level a makeup. Because i can do you know your basic like cuts and gore. But i wanna. I wanna learn how to make someone look like they're flesh melting off soubra has met. Will you freelance as a makeup artist as well. So is that it did. Film stage is primarily on film The majority of it. I've i've done has been a with a friends prior. I had a friend who was writing a web series called. I kill batman which was based on his play of the same name which is really fun. It's taking this kind of original Character in throwing him into the universe and so for that web series. I was getting to build. Not only some of the side pieces of the characters of one was like a pair of gloves with really long charleena else or just. Doing basic cuts bruises on the guy like minions who got beat up by batman Before but also things like a. I built a whole trachea out of clay endless liquid. Latex so bain could rip it out of someone's throat which was an experience doing that kind of imagery search to try to figure out what a trachea outside of a human body would look like totally so that same friend is a writing a horror film or rather has written a horror film in its going into production in the spring of twenty twenty one and We are working. I'm doing the makeup on that. Which i'm really excited for It's more normal gore for this project. But it's gonna be a more professional gang worries better equality materials because in the past like i said it was kind of whatever i could find around my house to make these things i think. One of the minions in the in. The batsman had scar made out of dunkin donuts. Nap gain elmer's glue so i'm excited to be working with data quality makeup end to see what kind of core i can i can make with it. What got you into doing that. i don't know being. I wanna say sophomore junior year of college at adelphi university. We had a required class which was stage makeup. And you know we had to do old age makeup and corrective makeup end like that high a high fashion like a french. Like white face with the beauty mark. Make name is kind of restoration. Makeup and i'm was great..

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