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A personal preference. Or opinion if they felt like they talk them vision in the race have every right to do. So I mean just not being in his trainer. More Kathy is here as well. He watched a derby shot get taken away. And while he doesn't like the word redemption, clearly he knows what happened matters. Feel bad for aggravated a little bit with aim in it. And but I kind of tried to put myself in Gary west shoes. I mean here, you know, Gary west has been extremely involved in Norse racing for for a long long time in, in the ultimate goal is to win a classic. Meantime, what a bizarre start with Bodey express dropping John Velazquez out of the gate, remember this week ago picking the Preakness please. Dan, voting express. Are you ready for the explanation on paper? It looks at one of horses. Warriors charge is going to be on the lead close blood. There are few others in here who I think will war of will damage inside did Tordjemann is owed a bit of a redo. I just watched Twitter. And I felt for you throughout the week because you openly, picked Bodey express, in every platform, including this show, and people were just murdering you over something that clearly, you could not have foreseen happening. Pick.

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