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I think we started talking about like february. Maybe and then this both of us like saved a ball year. He broke his leg. So that pushed back. and it just I guess forgot about it and then end up. Getting cars yet once a tulsa wasn't like the best case scenario to just like get cars into the toll slickest the biggest race of the year but they had a lot of fun ran okay for first time but for sure gonna go back next year. He reached chile bullets week. My hope is wrenching loss. Next here you'd fit right in. We had a large contingent of nascar drivers out there at the chili bowl. So we'll just answer less mamie they'll be be part of that and like feeling do pretty good. I think stenhouse seventh in the ace. It's pretty cool working out of him. Out of your garages. That are working on the cars at home. Are you a tinkerer. Can you work on your own stuff like that or just these type of what is it. You said the micro sprint. Yeah yeah no one Growing up we raced offered full-time we under on team. So i was always around the trucks and grandpa Like you're not recently how to work on it so from what. I was young work on things into some races on a championship. Are you having moments where it's really sunk in at all. I'm always curious when it comes to drivers when that moment really hits of what. The accomplishment was obviously in the moment at phoenix. You're excited you know what you did. That's pure genuine emotion but when the days started to pass have you had more of those where it really sunk in. What all happened in twenty twenty. I don't know. I don't honestly i don't really think so. I still like myself the same or always been worried about that. Like getting air game losing my hat or something so allow china to think about stuff like that either. Just move on. What am i gonna do to riccar to be just as good this season or try to better our year this year. So i think that'd be something later in life maybe to look back. Maybe when i'm done racing and be like wow. That was pretty cool. But as of right now i just wanna go and try to be the best guy this here to hear that Being aware of how you come off not to be arrogant and things like that. So it's more focused forward. Don't get caught in the press clippings type of mentality forget this doug mayor urban a pet peeve mindset styles younger. That guys can be really cool when they go in wenatchee. Racism totally changed of..

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