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To get Conrad. I like to think that I have that attitude, but I know that you horseman have it. I know that you haven't only. Let me ask you a question. You want to just do something and hang on that microphone or you want me to hang on to it. Let me just say one thing, Terry. When we have an opportunity to get the other on national television, we are running along. A statement and tonight. Once again, the horsemen are going to make a statement and a behalf of the horsemen, the spokesman Ole Anderson has a few words. We want to make sure that everybody all around the country has an opportunity to hear what I'm about to say. And I want you in particular to pay attention to its sting because you're the reason we're here tonight. I want you to know you're not going to be a horseman anymore. It's over. No more horsemen for this thing. Yeah, don't close your mouth a second. I'm going to explain something to you. I want everybody to listen real close and you listen real close. When Rick called me and called on to come in here, it was for one reason. And the reason he called us in here was to get rid of you. When I tell you, just be quiet, there's three of us standing here and there's one of you. Just wait a second. One thing that nobody looked for and nobody could figure was when you jumped in and helped Rick against this guy. We held off. A little later in the Iron Man contest, we came in at ring and we were ready to stick your head in the sand again. And as we came through the ring, Rick gave us a pay attention. Rick gave us that sign and waved us off. You were spared for the second time. And then something that nobody would have ever dreamed could happen happen. When you became one of us, a horseman. And you were a good horseman. No argument about it. You're a great wrestler. You're tough, strong kid. But you did the one on forgivable thing. That we can never forget. You know what that was? When you signed that match to meet Ric Flair for the world title on February 25th, you signed your death warrant. Are you listening now? I'm gonna tell you what I said to Rick. We all agreed we should just stop you right now, but Rick says no no. No. He's helped me one time. We let him live one time. But on one condition, and the condition is this. You go to the promoter, you go to mister Jim Ross or whoever you got to talk to. And you tell him that you're gonna cancel that contract with this man wait a minute get over here. You just listen. You listen to me and you listen real good. Anybody even a blind man could see there's three of us and there's only one of you. We're going to spare your life. You got about two hours to make up your mind. What you're going to do. And I'm telling you right now, it's only because of his nice kindness that we're going to let you live right here. Two hours, you make up your mind, you go tell Ross, you tell everybody in the world on this national TV that you're going to give up that chance at the world title. You understand? Sting. I bought you a little time because what you got. The whole deal is this, you got two hours to make up your mind and you're no longer a harsh man, and if we ever see you again, you're not going to be quite so lucky as you are tonight. Come on. Look at this. I'm trying to tell you. I want you to die. Get out of here. I can not believe this but this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. This is pathetic. Rick flair absolutely pathetic. He gave the guy chance. Well, gave the guy change. Yeah, you're a big chance. We're gonna be right back. Let's continues live. Don't go away. We'll be right. So there you go. What a masterful angle, it's great. Now we know sting is no longer a horseman. He's got two hours to decide, but it feels like the decision was made for him. Great angle man Terry funk and all the Anderson and Ric Flair and staying just good stuff. And I got shout out from Ole. How about that? No, it's well done. And I would say all those guys had a hand in only may have been the leader and the creative one of the guys that had great influence. But the all those guys were able to contribute. And look what you got there. Yeah, Ole. You got R? Aren't any bad talker? Somebody's noticed. You know, Terry funk took promos in the level of anybody. So and always has been that's one of his great skills. So I wasn't surprised it was good, but what I found funny in the after fact is how many times wholly tried to get everybody back on track and stay within the time that they had allotted for it. Did you notice that? Yeah. So he was directing traffic in only Anderson way. He would if he was the real guy. So it was a good piece of business. And literally one hour later, it all went to shit. Ole Anderson is going to replace thing in the cage match and sting is going to run out to confront flair, but as he's climbing the cage and gets pulled down, he blows out his knee. And this is going to be a major blow to the point where you guys all come back and mate in Atlanta, just figure out what the hell do we do now? On Tuesday, he's going to have surgery with doctor Jim Andrews. They're saying he's going to be out to August sting, is hoping to beat that and come back in July. But we got a pay per view later this month and we're scrambling to figure.

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