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The mark whether she'll continue R. one O. four five and six eighty well quickly as you all know one of the guys whose becoming such a fan favorite and it's almost all the things on the list that we're missing right now I was so excited to see what you had in store for us this year Mauricio do bond how are you mad one thousand cited to a thirty day it is what it is you've got a situation right now but I will do I mean we still boasted we don't have a seat and those are the so you're optimistic what I'm telling you right now are we would you know I know so there is a very large I think something's supposed to come out in a couple a lower case letter I like they don't tell us much yeah I know I know that what the the latest report is that at least baseball is going to come to the players union with something and and and you'll go from there but I just wonder on a personal level like what what would your comfort B. right now traveling around and and being around the guys little bit on the guys it would be cool I mean you got to take care of yourself you gotta pick up up there so you know there's a lot of things are going on in the air so now wash your hands and then apply for the Korean mild stuff like that are you the developer of your lower plate that's I mean this is common sense at some point all I know Gabe Kapler has already said that they are starting to get in touch with all you guys tell you to be ready what is your level of readiness what have you been doing to stay ready so I'm ready to go I've been there since since I got sent home every day there's like a normal day from the practice they're actually helping out getting stronger a little bit so you're stronger now than ever then you felt in spring training yeah I'm I'm actually some of the time when I'm at work and I got a little extra extra monthly no kidding right what is this balcony batting cage thing that you've got set up but I keep saying all over social media what is this that eight it's fun I was doing it before you call me so it I work with yeah I I did every day over there I got some will bother that's on my machine but I did I mean it's sort of I try to buy a cage US markets are set up and then and then it's so I have to improvise the state can make a payment on the balcony but they don't work MHM right now that PVC pipe so I went to a film that I did on my own I got Hey we're looking to move here there's a weird there's I got a bunch of PVC pipes on black page so it was kind of funny is it safe or if you pull one is it is it has it all off the apartment complex is it safe and safe actually there was one ball but issue at me and the kind of thing and I just pulled my hands and I literally had the ball a long way down the road apartment complex the little they know that their plan based on the eleventh floor here wait so was it what kind of ball was it was an actual baseball now it's not a it's like a hard it's like you how it's made like a rubber ball okay but smaller smaller look into a little across okay so it didn't break anything did it no no I went to St thank god but like another apartment complex though I think the biggest fear for me is letting the bag though I don't have signed during here so just let the bag go it will be one on this order even let employers so if I let go that that's been going on for awhile and are you using a regular ballot I feel like I saw one video where it looks like you have like a red nerf thing or something in your hands up what what do you no I I used to I used to be better I do so I do I use a lot of I keep working on the fans that are been working twice I live my regular but now the life that he does not wear okay I thought so so I got but now I I upgraded so I can not bad like they did not all good yeah metal bat and lightweight and then I bet they did have a bad life so I I look I look more professional in a way perfect perfect well that's very important on social media Mauricio do you want to look professional yeah so there's no way there's no doubting where you're batting so if that slips it's gone dead that's the that's the goal not not not Mr so if that's the route I yeah but I hit it I was a couple balls I have a look at the ball I love it Mauricio divide is with us Hey all we were talking about this the other night about whether sports is a necessity or not whether it's a satchel and I just thought can you know change depending on what your definition of essentialism and what's your definition of of sports is but what when somebody asks you that like or is sports necessary for our sanity what what's your thought on that I think it is I think it is and I mean that the sports bring bring anything in there and right now you need to be United in a sense we're going on the whole war going through a tough time right now and be able to you know give them the support I was watching the Korean baseball I mean I was excited just right after I feel like one guy over there that play with and but I was so excited I was watching baseball and then I mean there's some status right now they are struggling will balance out your morning California California I've been very well I mean I feel if you can bring them back in big here in Baghdad Joyo you know having baseball are having different sports of word and proof I think will be really really really good for that moment shared experience something to look forward to watching next take a minute it's something that that I think will be rectified I feel like you would fit in really well in career because there's there's there's a lot of personality over there there Bob flip in there so I feel like you would love that all I know about the whole time I was watching that game I was waiting for somebody to clock on one side but I I went to bed at eight one AM when the game when the game starts but now it's one that I was about to log off how's your sanity like well how how is this all sitting with you a number greater undergraduate thing air it's it's it's great to not be able to have baseball and I did knowledge being with the guys and getting ready I was I was talking on his Kapler couple couple days ago calendar thing I'd make that Maliki's been a cop out now listening to music I have been up pretty much by calling them and having that that commodity with the guy but right now it's it's it's sad but I'm sure we're gonna be going to get it back six the last time we had you on you had just gotten engaged and what it what is interesting time to be engaged I mean you guys do you still like each other here being quarantined with him in the same spot with one another there are like three days but I'm not yet it it normally again but I mean it is currently in a moment we're not asking for personally for our signature line I I get I get for my men to come back in the same thing so I'm not worried about it yeah yeah I know it's it's it'll test any relationship that's just the fact that big I mean sure okay I wondered if if you saw this because I know you are active on social media have you been watching all these brackets that Brandon Crawford is putting together yeah I I I I saw a couple yeah of course one of the most recent was the current giant bracket and you you took down Austin Slater in the in the first round once again another sign yet that the fence the fence or did you may have I'm I'm surprised I made it that far honestly I was like I'm not by that knowledge and yet I mean I I love him I love the fans yeah it's funny because sometimes I see people in Miami before all this happened as with the giant had been tampered just got hacked and I was coming tell them Hey I that and and then I go man your friend I'm a big fan it I ran over here that on their own and that west coast I don't follow much of the giants but it's funny because it was a funny story actually we had we were in and then watching the Superbowl game and now here in Brickell and there's a forty Niners fan fan would back when I giant shirt and outside at night I said my Jersey and I'm like you and you are you a fan I'm like I'm I'm a **** that bath and he kept telling me you look familiar you look familiar man well we were very worried Simon and like you look familiar I know what you like baseball all right yeah yeah I play a little bit and then he three thousand oh my god you're that kid yeah number yeah we hang out the airport and the point I was locked but I'm in I'm in I have fun with but I love the fans and emphasis in winter in the wild and I got there and before I even got there so what went when he finally figured it out to be really call you that kid you're that kid yet your back hip and then it it was fun and I enjoy my job and then we would just talk and talk and talk and then I I live an active are you talking about because I'm here but you're saying what we will be seeing a mental problem and I think we're good but no worries I will I will feel and that's right next time you'll recognize me because all of just eight numbers that that that's that's the plan that went bad when operators here to bond with us Hey I saw you do some some pictures also all with a shout out to all the health care workers which many of us have been doing but you have some in your family is that is that right yeah the other guy but we're we're from my family I got my host sister machine our symbol I got my host brother a cow Margie and I got my step that England there.

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