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Live from npr news in washington. I'm jack speer. Stocks fell sharply today amid concerns about a new spike in corona virus infections. Npr's scott horsely reports. The dow jones industrial average tumbled more than two percent investors are rattled by the rapid rise in new cova cases in countries where vaccines are not widely available and in parts of the united states. Where people have been slow to get the shots. The sharp drop in. Us stocks follows a similar selloff in overseas markets. Stock prices are plunging despite. What's expected to be a strong season of corporate profits s and p global intelligence predicts that earnings in nearly every industry. We'll show gains from a year ago. Oil prices also dropped sharply after opec and other big producers agreed to gradually expand output to meet rising demand that should help to lower the cost of gasoline. Though prices at the pump have not fallen yet scott horsely. Npr news washington also especially hard hit on this punishing day on the global financial markets airlines and cruise ship companies. Looking at the numbers. The dow dropped seven hundred and twenty five points today. The nasdaq was down one hundred and fifty two points. The s&p five hundred fell sixty eight points to end the session at forty to fifty eight a florida man who walked onto the floor of the us senate during the capital riot has been sense to eight months in federal prison as npr's ryan lucas reports. Paul hodgkin's is diverse january. Six defendant be sense for felony offense. Paul hodgkin's pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing inefficient preceding in court for sentencing hearing hodgkin's expressed remorse and said he took full responsibility for his quote foolish decision. Us district court judge randolph. Moss said the attack on the capital was a threat to democracy and utterly unacceptable but he had to several factors to determine hodgkin sentence including the fact that he didn't engage in violence or destroy property on january sixth and that hodgkin's was among the first to plead guilty ultimately judge moss sentence hodgkin's to eight months in prison and two years of probation ryan lucas. Npr news washington president. Joe biden this clarifying his previous statement that facebook is killing people. Npr's rosemary misteri reports on. What the president says he really meant. Reporters press biden about his remark during a white house. Press conference he says. The comment was not meant to be taken literally facebook telling people these twelve people were out there giving misinformation anyone listening to it is getting hurt by his killing. People spanned information. My hope is that facebook instead of taking the person that somehow i'm saying facebook. Is kelly people that they would do something about the misinformation binds initial comments were made in response to a recent report that found most vaccine misinformation originated from twelve people on facebook. The social media platform has been pushing back denying culpability rosemary. Ms dairy npr news. You're listening to npr. Ben and jerry's ice cream says it will no longer sell its ice cream. In the israeli occupied palestinian territories it's also ending its relationship with local manufacturer in israel. Npr's daniel estrin reports from jerusalem. A company statement said it is quote inconsistent with our values for ben and jerry's to be sold in the occupied palestinian territory. It said it will keep selling in israel but won't renew it's license with an israeli manufacturer of ben and jerry's locally. It's unclear if the company means to block sales to palestinian consumers and jewish settlers occupied territory. Or how it would. This follows a pro palestinian campaign protesting ben and jerry's sales in settlements israeli prime minister tally bennett called the move. Anti israeli. the foreign minister said it's antisemitic and called on. Us states with laws. against israel. boycotts to sanction. Ben and jerry's daniel estrin npr news jerusalem fully vaccinated. Us citizens will be allowed to travel across the border to canada effective next month and people from other parts of the world who received their shots will be allowed in early september canadian officials announcing that as of august ninth americans were fully vaccinated are currently residing the us who no longer be required to spend fourteen days in quarantine public safety minister. Bill blair said today that a date for fully vaccinated canadians to cross the landlord. The us still isn't known canadians can currently fly into the us. Crude oil futures prices closed down today. Oil down five dollars and thirty. Nine cents bailed end the session at sixty six dollars. Forty two cents a barrel in new york. I'm jack speer. Npr news in washington..

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