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She announced today that since its launch in February, Operation Crystal Shield has resulted in 1800 arrests. £28,500 of Meth sees That's the equivalent of 65 Million doses on DH $43 million seized. With £3900 of the methamphetamine ceased in Arizona. The operation focused on nine major method better be trafficking hubs, which included Paso, Houston, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Live. The new center Gabriel Dominion are news eyes on immigration in the triple digit heat over Labor Day weekend Tucson Sector Border Patrol rescued 50 illegal immigrants, some on the verge of heat exhaustion. Agents even send word to border crossers to call them for emergencies. Before they hit the desert. Human life is the most important thing, so we don't want anyone to lose their life in an attempt to come to the United States illegally. Agent Alan Regalado also says the Border Patrol installed rescue beacons for crossers out of food, water and supplies. When these smugglers bring individuals across the border north, you know if they can't keep up with the group, and they're just abandoned on, agents found an adult brother and sister disoriented, stifled by the dangerous heat. Peter same, or Katie Airness of Border Patrol deported all 50 of the illegals to Mexico Arizona vote one week after being challenged by Republican Senator Martha McSally to a national debate, Democrat Mark Kelly is now responding. Kelly was asked by Arizona's morning news today if he'd be willing to go on the national stage. I think it's important that Arizonans have the opportunity to hear Senator MC Sally and me together and talk about the issues that they care about here in Arizona, Kelly in Mexico. We have agreed to two statewide debates he like howdy is getting $21 million to build a life saving bridge over Tato Creek. Funding comes after three Children were swept away and killed while they tried to pass the flooded creek last year. The $21 million to build the bridge comes from the federal Transportation Department. For years, residents would have to brave the floodwaters or take a 75 mile detour in order to pass it on to Crete during storms. People have died while trying to cross since 1995 nail alien Katie Air News, 12 07 We get the latest in traffic live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center with Larry Lewis. Yeah, And right now, Jeff, we're dealing with this crash in the North Valley Cave Creek at Lone Mountain Parkway. It's a motorcyclist involved accident here, so probably best to avoid it. 56th Street could help me out there. Also dealing with a collision. 43rd Avenue. This is going to be right at McDowell with the intersection so avoid 43rd having McDowell Try 51st Avenue and Thomas as alternates. Larry Lewis Jr News Sunny skies today with a high of 94 Tonight Clear the low 69 Right now in Phoenix. Partly cloudy skies 87 degrees Whether is brought to you by Howard Air, whether Replace or repair, call Howard Air. It's 12 08 Road to.

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