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The alkurd river he is dragging ruined clothes and household items from his basement to the curb because we are a blocking the hov from the river whenever door we need to have a flawed insurance but now we know that we we have to salaya and many of his neighbors are staying in temporary housing they don't know when or if their homes and neighborhoods will be safe and dry again for npr news i'm jennifer weingarten elkhart indiana activists outside damascus say syrian government air strikes are continuing in eastern gouda despite the un security council's demand for a temporary ceasefire russian president vladimir putin today spoke with french president emmanuel macron and german chancellor angela merkel about cooperating to implement the truce and his npr's peter kenyon reports from istanbul turkish officials say the ceasefire doesn't apply to turkey's operation in african deputy prime minister bakir bosede autos reporters that it's out of the question for any serious ceasefire to include turkey's offensive again syrian kurdish fighters in a free meanwhile syrian kurdish leader saleh muslim was detained by czech authorities under an interpol red notice issued by turkey bosede us as ankara is working with czech officials to secure his extradition to turkey where he faces a sedition charge turkey considers the syrian kurdish party and its military wing to be terrorists despite their support from the us turkey's military operation against the kurdish fighters is in its second month peter kenyon npr news istanbul this is npr and from kqed news i'm tiffany cam high oakland mayor liby shaath is alerting residents that immigration agents may conduct an operation and the bay area including oakland starting as early as today shafts them out the warning last night in a press release citing multiple credible sources for the information in chef says she sent out the alert not to panic residents but rather to protect them she also acknowledged that in the past ice has used activity rumors to create a climate of fear shafi's encouraging undocumented immigrants in oakland to consult legal help from the local law firm central lagow digital rather in a statement reported by k g o tv ice officials responded.

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