Chicago, KC, Jeff discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Local Hour: Jay Cutler


And it's a huge if if they protect tim i do think that he can recreate what he did in chicago with kc can be somebody who is 24th touchdowns in twelve interceptions of everyone stays healthy and they protect him but it's those are such jeff's everything has to be perfect in order for jay cutler to win ten game it does he would you say china has better than yet jay cutler yes so if they protect them because that's the case because tanisha when he got protection last year was really really good he was also really good in the pocket last year tadahiro so depict can't color any recreate so they close to channel and got does that get onto the player was this is what i'm telling you about jay cutler jay cutler is going to do a ton of thing where you're like wow this guy loss arc iin to arm how did he make that throw that was so confident that with such a great fro and he's going to do it for a place and then on the night he's going to do something dopey and you're gonna be like oh that's the fatal flaw yeah he's gonna throw he's going to turn it over he is not he's not a consistent enough in a league that has gotten more more still got more and more the quarterback position is just don't turn it over right brock osweiler it's alec smith hell aaron rodgers was even throwing the ball downfield last year because of how of what was happening with his why receives more more that league.

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