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Go to bob bell dot com to see it we hate that we had to take it down wasn't artisan but just wanted to keep you up and we wanted to keep up as much as possible so go to bobby dot com to watch your here whatever you're missing right now and thank you listen to the show and sorry about all the legal stuff moakler rosettes song so you have it and you cut this but then when dirk says hey i liked to cut it you go oh man i can't do it anymore we actually i mean i was thrilled when they're explain cut the song travis and our both blown away was it was an easy decision big fans of of what he does and at that point i think i had about eight thousand followers on instagram so it wasn't gonna gonna reach his many people as he saying so it's been a really cool really cool thing do you ever do that thing that i do where i said faking through council myself and ask people for money i've never done that and so yeah yeah i did mr one extra hey can i get dollars myton cards i do that it's awesome man it's it's hard to make money in the busy man harry harry i'm kidding i don't but do you have fake accounts of you asking people for money that has begun the last few months it's it's so frustrating encouraging that you know that that actually holds some value to pretend to be me but it's it's really frustrating that people are getting take advantage of like that you know you're on the come up when your identity stolen congratulations thank you much good that's okay lesson steve moakler is here got the record out song born ready i'm gonna tell you so i listened to your record and it i think we're in this culture now of and i say this in the best way i think music now has become a bit more disposable because when we subscribe to a service we get it all the time back ten years ago to buy something so we spent a lot of time because our investment in that ten bucks was in that piece of hard cd that we bought so we burnt it out now our investment is if we pay restraining service in we get all the stuff so things move so for me to stay on something it just at my world means i really have i like it and so my point is i really like your records still as in my mix of things that i still listen to musicals land where we go let me what's next imitate a song that i listened to all time this one right here that's this crazy does song face so good man this is this is gracie's favorite longtime fan of gracie his wife by the way yeah you know i love it so what if you know i love it it's it's it's it's one of the most fun songs play live it's got a great energy to it and i love it it's called crazy guitar would you play i'd love to man all right let me reset this everybody every listening right now this guy that i think is really one of the more underrated guys around towns putting out the good songs time after time steve moakler is his name it's got a record out now called born ready but this song right here the one makes them hard tickle does i hear you steve moakler doing crazy does steve moakler studios favorite song on that thanks man pretty good you like that or no i love record if i didn't love because i do like that to me steve moakler pittsburgh guy that's right grew up in bethel park pennsylvania south the pittsburgh all of our listeners pittsburgh in a call about you all day wednesday mogo coming on relax i love people the four one two man they got my back your penguin fan i am a bigger steelers fan but i was a kid i was huge penguins fan i i wanted to be a hockey player withdraw the emblem and chalk on the driveway like every day and play street hockey my neighbors and stuff so i grew up on for sure how big all boy are you thirty years old no now how big big say my weight on the air grazie this is okay so again if you're just this white gracie and we work out together a lot and one of the.

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