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And the eisenhower vincent price did the creepy rap song in there yeah i was reading all about john nab vincent price who he's radio shows he when they asked him to do this creepy our wrap thank he came any nailed it first time but they gave him headphones um he was what and they're like yeah these launch use these when you when you do it and he was doing it and talking and he's like i can't i can't use these headphones i can't i to hear my i don't want to hear myself doing it because you went beyond the golden age of radio they would stay around stand around the microphones they didn't have headphones light so they need he was used to wearing we all where you know we talked about here cells and it seems normal to us right well bath while nothing seen as normal to does we're not completely normal were not normal as but yeah i thought it was really is kinda interesting i was like i can't do it with a thought take these off take these up so he did the that whole thing you nailed it first time but without the headphones kissair what did he say little crabs there these these have and you know vents a price played the envisaged a movie and by the invisible man refused the job offer did you know that job just kgb gene saw in this hour it is timing is improving its skated improving i like it i am i do some stand up at the at the law it will vasquez could be the stand up and we could do a onetwo punch you know had outlined go up there warm up the audience for she comes up uh name he could yeah all right in this hour hall of fantasy with carol grayson who was the voice of cheers each creature features you were to sean i grew up with that i used to watch and the guy on wgn channel nine yeah and i it was uh it was so scary on o'clock or 1030 they might have been ten third i thought it was really lay i think it was sent thirty and that was for ninety minutes been they would have a like a 60minute movie like a seventy movie they would have the wolfman of frankenstein and.

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