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Curtis, Cosby, Donald Trump discussed on Curtis & Eboni

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To thirty eight here on seventy seven w abc you're listening to curtis and cosby and that song was played quite often during the campaign trail for then candidate donald trump and one of the guys who played a big role with getting the president elected especially there towards the republican nomination is now getting right back in the campaign game and he joins us now live the former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski corrie rate to heavier on the show my friend how you doing rita i'm so good i'm sorry for the delay today was supposed to come on to politics i never mean to make you wait you know i get to influence over that i hate to have a man make me wait you know how that is corey you know by the way i understand why you're late i know it's a very very busy news day let let's get right to it i also want to get to your new gig to but part of the reason you were late as you got so many things going on with this new news about the senate judiciary committee releasing god it's like twenty five hundred pages of documents about donald trump's meeting what he said to the committee about that trump tower meeting back in june twentysixth team which is getting all the buzz with some players from russia what's your reaction to the news being released and what we're hearing from donald trump junior b testimony well i think we're with donald trump junior discussed during testimony and what you said from the very beginning was right this had nothing to do with collusion or cooperation or coordination with anything he was asked to the meeting of his who said you know what maybe they don't they wanna talk about would you be willing from a trusted source to sit down and meet with a friend of a friend from he said sure i'll be happy to do that at the meeting was very short know nothing came out of that meeting but this is where the.