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Sorry, a couple of days after shush away into the woodsy grounds, the monitor showed up again, pressing. It's mug right up against the sliding glass window in the league. Back porch area of their fenced-in pool. They should away. They ran it off, you know, trapper Mike's him back in and pushes his face into the signing. Last trying to get into the habit is he thought he knows it takes Joey, come at me browser. He he's hunting for sport. At this point, he's trying to get into the house. I know. How the family literally said they're considering putting the house on the market. I would. Do you have to disclose something like that? It's in the newspaper. I mean, who would buy this is this is a legit nightmare play. Now for this family, they have people is that people eating list? Well, well, they called like the fish and wildlife. The, you know, the county or whatever, and they are concerned like they said, no, it's not venomous. It's not venomous. It will attack. Got these huge causes stuff. Yeah. I mean, it's a car for, I think. I don't know. I don't know either way you don't wanna Tang carnivore it's behaved like a Carnivora. So so this this fan, this nightmare is playing out. See this one of the things. If it was like a horror movie, I wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe that like this would actually happen. But I mean, I you, okay, remember how we talk. Are carnivorous, they eggs, smaller, reptiles, fish, birds, small mammals about like dogs or something. Yeah, yeah. So remember a couple of weeks that Daily Beast, long form story about the guy who stole the McDonald's. You know that that stole the McDonald's game pieces and his option for a movie. This is relevant movies. The first one we need an option nece. Trapper regular size monitor lizards, regular size. Have been known to crush bones in human all money. Is not gonna play. Jesse. You're going to play trapper mind driver, Mike. This is regular size ones, which are, you know, foot long, the venom isn't fatal to humans, but it can cause significant illness and obvious pain. The real danger in a monitor lizards venomous by is for small animals or infants. And this is a regular. Couple has a two year old and a four year old Ono in the house. It's looking in the window to old next pushing into the window, right? Trying to see how strong the glasses. Cameron? He's got a bus through bus through this is open the joint. I, he's gonna find it entrance. Four one. He's literally terrible. You're not even safe in your own home. At this point, I don't think option, but to move his house. Now you You just just gotta go. gotta go time. You go to your car, you're running every time you go to your car. You're no question. The worst thing is he made travel. Mike who seems like people in town not over my. He's made me look like a fool. This may look at Trevor my face Mike. The guy who suffers fools man for Mike on the scene, and he looks like bake idiot. One job one job to take care of this all you've called a week as a snapping turtle, and he's like, oh, it's good that I call this because he could have eaten this. And I like deprived of new just made him angry. He was saving that snapping turtle trapper. Hang angry going after the children on the other side of that very thin. They're all that stands between this family, a carton of delicious eggs and a gigantic monitor is a thin planes of glass. Thanks a lot travel. My goodness. All All right. right. Terrible. We're gonna need an update. Well, I'm considering I didn't tell anyone. I can't wait. I not even joking about this. I'm considering calling Trevor Mike next week. And I wanna I wanna get some tips joking traffic if he hasn't caught it yet to get tips feels a little cruel, but to talk to him feels either way either way I am going to make and I'm not joking. I'm going to try to get your mic on the show. Promoted. These are the segments where I'm going to let you just pre record that one because it'd be to offer for me. I can't be. For me at all Chandler's in. Celebrities have we have you been on the line on that? I talked to anybody totally totally normal human..

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