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Myself at pretty thinker and and then you we have a round the hand of from hampered even prophet muhammad and the directly to the north and nor can the body not the crown it not muhammad that would not be properly right now is that we could end up with an empty i had beaten gonna and muhammad and chronic history and the coded by religion that really grew out of power in the medieval era of where sharia law properly coming from we need to go back to the north and not have gone well so let me ask you this we're talking with sharing kudos he director muslim matters so much of what you say seems to be similar to what the president said at his speech in saudi arabia this is a bit of what president trump said when he was in saudi arabia last week but this untapped potential this tremendous causes optimism dis held at bay by bloodshed and terror they can be no coexistence with this violence there can be no tolerating is no accepting it no excusing it then no big norring every time a chairs murders and prayers and falsely invokes the name of god they should be an insult to every person of say terrorists do not worship god they worship deaths if we do not act against is organized then we know what will then what will be the end result in sri you at a fascinating column in the federal list which i'm gonna linked to my facebook facebook to accomplish molyneaux fan i'm gonna put.

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