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Weirdo bookworm unite we want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror, sci fi and fantasy, but not us. So stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. I under Junkies Sandra this is Scott stitches over there and we are ready to talk to you tonight about a very exciting author interview we had. We got to talk to Laurel K Hamilton which is pretty big deal. Big Deal it is a big deal. I was excited Sandra was very, very excited and. This was my first time reading one of her novels, and so I'm excited to talk about my experience with that as the first time reader. So we'll talk a little bit and then we've got our interview with Laurel. It is spoiler free, and then we'll come back and do the spoiler section Kinda same as always hope everybody's been doing as well as possible during this absolutely insane time to be a high. Had Our. We had our first Cova. Scare I guess you'd say an air quotes. Yeah. Like a work related possible contamination Sich situtation not not too bad for either of us. But of course, we took our tests passed with flying colors but at least now we've had that experience. Yes you've had that experience. So if you think you have to do it, get it done your honor junkies have they lived to tell the tale don't be scared Jonah Junkie So something else that was like really really exciting three. Sorry. I just want WanNa. Talk a little bit. John Related is we finally fine the Lee was true detective season one? Yeah, we did and. That was a huge deal for me. That was a huge deal so I will say. This the first couple episodes. It took me a while to really get into it and really like like the characters. But after after the whole season was done, I was very happy with it Sandra. I'm completely obsessed with it. I can't wait to watch the other T. seasons. It was one of those things like I described season one is like I feel like somebody made it for me somebody crafted it for me and like molded it and like shaped it and made it all Mason and pretty like clay and they fire baked in the oven and a glazed it and they're. Like here you go here I, made you this made you the season of television just for you and absolutely adored it. Of course, no spoilers for those who haven't seen it. All three seasons are anthology but this one has to do with a lot of stuff that ticks myi boxes of things that I like and it is kind of a procedural though be all tradition untraditional one. Just like the book we reviewed this week. Procedural, however nontraditional. So a little bit of background on our book. This week I think that most readers are going to at least be familiar with Laurel K Hamilton is she's responsible for two series of books the Anita Blake Vampire Hunters series and the Merry Gentry This is obviously in outing in the Anita Blake vampire hunter novel so this newest book is called Sucker Punch. So this was first of all book is frigging gorgeous like if you get a chance to eat some really pretty cover oh my gosh, it's got like you know kind Of like our our leopard on the front and it's lots of blues and blacks in a big gorgeous like aquamarine Gold I. There's like a blood drippy thing and like when you shift the cover to and fro, you get like Shiny Shiny bits I can't I don't know it's gorgeous. Super pleased in its when you open it up to when you open up, it's a beautiful hundred green and black with like blood red on the spine. It's definitely a departure of from the the covers that I am familiar with seeing for the series Oh. Yes. So I I could look up exactly what it was but a number of years ago the book switched covers from kind of like what a lot of us knew to these much more. Beautiful. Dare I say serious covers. I. Don't want to say that in the sound insulting but. We're there more artistic and not just here is a book cover. That kind of vaguely represents the story inside. There's definitely an artistic style when it comes to the covers of books when it comes to you John Re related books particularly fi supernatural were you know where you have like the hero or heroine on the cover and? That kind of art you all know what we're talking about and this new trend towards kind of a more more subtle cover while still being just beautiful. I'm a big Fan of Oh. Yeah. No at least covers have been great for years and years. So this was no exception it's such a treat. So let me tell you a little bit about, Anita Blake, the series, my my history with it, and then we'll talk about the book more specifically. So Anita Blake Vampire Hunter is a series of novels and some short novels also comic books of which I have quite a few of. Those that way. That mislocate Hamilton has been writing since hundred ninety three when guilty pleasures came out. So this is an urban fantasy series in that it is contemporary it is basically our world. Only there are supernatural things. Everybody is aware of them but other than that, there's a lot of things that makes it exactly like the world we live in there is the character of Anita Blake who starts out the series as basically known as the executioner known as war. She executes Vampires and Super Naturals. She raises the dead as an animator where she raises zombies. And that goes into a whole whole bunch of stuff. She gets into some romantic entanglements with supernatural characters in that grows leaps and bounds throughout the series Her love life is very fascinating and prolific and vary entertaining. And you need a flow chart, these are. In case, you couldn't tell these are one of those books where adults can into adult situation kids how just know that? A lot of the books we read our like that we don't usually give a warning for that, but you know just saying. So my history with the books. History. With the books is I started reading them not in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three of a little young. But I started reading when I was a teenager let's say about fifteen to be safe and my friends read them and I read them and I really enjoyed them and I continue to read them and continued to stay at least somewhat involved in the series as best as I possibly. Could like I said I love the comic book run when that was coming out and I got some of those, these books were very, very key part of my teen and early adults and into my adult reading it's when you've been reading character Carrick Durr's but especially one character for this lawn you get very, very involved emotionally it just becomes a big part of.

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