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Five dollars called. This smells like my vagina. Stop it it is sold out. It includes Geranium. I thought she was classy. This is considered classics. Listen listen to what the vagina smoke. Geranium citrusy Bergamot and Cedar absolutes juxtaposed with the mask grows and amber at C. O.. Took as a high opinion of our snake. How many sniff do you think the scientists had to take in order to get this right? We go go from her to the cable to the candle. Yeah does she herself with a Napkin and give it to them or did she provide her actual self so that nothing gets in the way that she probably Queens into a mason jar and then she can do like twenty jars and they get to it when they want exactly yeah. She's a busy woman. I don't know tell me when you make a Pumpkin Spice Vagina. Then I'll talk then you so. This is legit what she thinks. Regina smells like so so I guess that's what everyone wants to lick Those ingredients maybe gynecologist about Cedar. It might be growing. It has an okie flavor hardwood. Wow I can't imagine being in a boardroom and going like next up with China's candle follow me on there. I wouldn't even know how to participate in that room. You can't tell me there's anything but yes people right Goo t we do different races. Why not nothing? Nothing move. Believe forget it didn't mean nothing Gwyneth. How did how did? She's an incredible actress. But how did she get big. What was the because we were going over Kazakhstan? I would just saw Mister Ripley again and and such a good movie. But she's not known for that but right no. She's much a lot earlier than that. And I can't think of movies that she's in because I think she falls into the character so well okay right. Is that helpful in the conversation. She was so good when head got cut off. She's in case. What's the movie where he's Zip? Zip zips his penis that her no. That's not even harder see I. I'm messing that up. That's Cameras see that was her No no the mask was the mask was her candy. Yeah no I'm saying that. That was Cameron Diaz as big break. Oh yes she was amazing in that but yeah too so famous but I can't even come up with a movie that she's in probably. The Big One was the Shakespeare Shakespeare in life. Yeah I was thinking like I feel like I've seen unheard dressed in period but that's it I why she this famous is it because of her parents. I know why I don't want to be crass okay. This login most so good. She comes into a raiders room. It's like you're the stock There's a lot of skirts hurts. Christie Y says I think I knew her. Best from royal tannenbaums see that's like a very obscure move even though it got a lot of Watches watches even though it was like an independent movie still. She's famous before that though again. You don't associate her with that movie. You know what I mean. She's not like a main person. The only guys it's true. which by the way the Oscars the nominations just came out? Oh no female male directors in upsets me and it pisses me off and maybe next year women. You could try harder because I'm looking at all. All the women directors in our one was even good enough to be nominated. What we're the women directors? Okay I think she She directed right but she didn't try too hard obviously joke her. Her Guide director tried hard once upon a time in Hollywood channel directing. I guess I can imagine What a superhero movie with feelings? A good point only five women who have ever been nominated in the director category period of all of history. Kathryn bigelow being the only one who ever one one for the hurt locker so try like she did get awards care little bit it. Thank you dockers not have a host again This year will everybody be okay. Okay so they have host. It's a trick base able still so come out and tell jokes and then introduce somebody host. But that's the thing these famous people think that they're taking a stance which you know. Why are we asking them to do that? Anyway there they never say their Own Words except for here where just like the most political so were politicizing this event I get it but it's like oh no we're staying away from that but you're still going to the event it's still a big deal and like he'd said you're still introducing each other. You're still playing along but no one wants to be the head of it. I don't follow. Oh the Oscars say. Let me confirm announced together with the academy there will be no traditional host this year you think. JC would do it. Lilavati Burke said the net where he sounds funny. Burke said the network felt last year show worked well without an emcee Kevin Hart was tapped to host bowed. OUT AMID CONTROVERSY OVER OFFENSIVE HOMOSEXUAL tweets the host Louis Oscars actually saw an eleven percent viewership increase from the year. Before for what that's worth it was the first Oscars go without in them. See in thirty years everybody was just fine. It'll be February ninth on ABC yet. Kevin Hart Says No. I won't apologize for these are all tweets in the Oscar said. Yeah you don't want actually we don't care we don't need you what everyone acts like they don't care about the Oscars or awards ceremonies anyway but something is driving this huge force that is I love him. A lot of money is thrown at it. But but you love because people fuck up yes. Yeah I like an awkward political speech I like when it goes too long and music has to play him off. A big fan of Adel Design Company started. I Love Delta. Is One of my favorites really to do you watch the Oscars.

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