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Is growing at three p victory in theaters this weekend with its tail about the man who is the son of a human father and the Queen of Atlantis. Night. Man will end up with about thirty million dollars in ticket sales on this first weekend of the new year. Then the next movie on the list is a bit of a surprise, the new psychological horror film, escape room is doing better than expected taking second place with about eighteen million dollars that drops Mary Poppins returns to number three with a little under sixteen million. And then Spiderman into the spider verse and Bumblebee round out the latest top five my son. It is your time. You get to decide what kind of king. I am ready. The hit superhero flick. Black Panther could add nice trophy to its collection tonight when the Hollywood Foreign Press association hands out its annual Golden Globe awards. It's one of five movies nominated as the best dramatic picture of two thousand eighteen along with a star is born bohemian rhapsody of Beale streak, talk and black klansman the contenders for the Golden Globe for best comedy or musical. Film include crazy rich agents, vice the favourite green book and Mary Poppins returns. Golden Globe winners often also go onto win Academy Awards, but we'll have to wait until next month's Oscar Gallardo find out if that happens again this year. A new federal law took effect with the start of the new year requiring all hospitals to post on their websites. The price of every procedure and service. They offer the Affordable Care Act required hospitals to make these lists available. But until this week hospitals were not required to publish them. Before you start scanning the internet, keep in mind, what you will pay when you have a stay in the hospital or procedure done is based on what your particular insurance coverage is that's Jan Emerson shea of the California hospital association. In other words, nothing's really changing the price is still the price and your copay or deductible still determines what you pay. And if you are an uninsured individual the hospital can also work with you to determine whether you might qualify for a reduced price based on your particular financial situation. The new mandate is seen as a way to help improve price transparency in healthcare. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Part of the metro green line is not. Closed for about two weeks service between the Crenshaw Redondo beach stations is stopped because of construction to complete and activate the connection with the future. Crenshaw LAX light rail line metro spokesman Jose Baldo tells KNX writers will have to exit at Crenshaw station, but can still get where they need to go there. The public or the writers get transferred to the bus service that we will provide free or charge, and they will serve his all the closest station in Crenshaw LAX..

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