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Today's story is about a police investigation. That you won't believe is real. Why am I so confident when I say that because in this story reality is almost impossible to grasp even for the people involved? It's a story about a decades old murder but the ending if you can call it an ending came just a few years ago. It's a story about lease using tactic. That is so unusual around the world that it's known as the Canadian technique. It's a story about what happens when you are living in an alternate reality created just for you and you don't know it and that is just heart one this special two part episode. It gets even darker from there. I'm Jordan Keith. Rawlings this is the big story. Michael Linda is a contributing editor at Toronto Life. And the author of one of the strangest stories. We've read yet this year. I might go I. Why don't you start by telling US How and I guess also when in Wear Beverly Smith died. Sure so About two weeks before Christmas in Nineteen seventy-two Beverly Smith Was a twenty two year old young mother. She was married she lived in A little a brick house in a village called Raglan Ontario which is Just a little bit north of Oshawa and the ninth of December that year. She waved goodbye to her husband for the last time he worked his name's Doug and he worked at the GM Plant Shwe and She one day she Sat down at her kitchen table to write some some Christmas cards and She talked to some of her family and then sometime that evening someone went into her home. A apparently there was no forced entry. So it's likely that she knew the person and Shot her in the back of her head with a twenty two caliber bullet tell me about her body being discovered in the investigation that followed sure so dug Smith her husband Beverly's husband called in on his break at the plant. And you know he called home in the phone just coming and That alarmed him so he called across the street to two of his neighbors With whom he was friendly Man named Allendale Smith no relation to beverly and his wife Linda. And you know sort of said I'm concerned that Beverly isn't picking up the phone can can you? Can someone run on run across the street and and and see what's going on so Linda went across the street? Saab every laying on the ground and set to Doug. You need to call home right. Come home right now. they called They called the The authorities Alan Smith. He sort of worked A little bit for the humane society and he had a truck that he used For Work and he he actually brought the truck across the street into Beverly Doug's driveway to help. Illuminate for the authorities where to go and in a sort of colossal in case of bad timing. It just so happened to be the The Durham Regional Police Which was Just recently formed was their first murder investigation and it was. It was on the night of their first annual Christmas party So the officers arrive. Doug said that he could smell some booze on the officers breath and they begin their investigation. They knew that Doug would deal a little bit of pot on the side and he had about but have half dozen ounces of weed Which he later admitted to the authorities were stolen. So the motive in this case they think was that someone came to steal that that six or seven ounces of weed shot beverly in the process and they started trolling around for anyone. They they knew might have a motive. They looked at his supplier. They looked at some of his His clients And you know they opened up some wiretaps nothing really came of it and so you know that that year the case when cold for the first time how long did it stay cold It was it was sort of it was reopened a number of times over the decades Once I believe in the eighties and you know they would re interview people and nothing would really come of it. And then in the in the two thousands there was suddenly a a break in the case what had happened was that So Beverly Smith had a twin sister named Barbara. Identical twin be looked so similar that even their mother could only tell them apart by little freckle on the tip of. Beverly's knows and Barbara. You know as you can imagine her her grief. Her and her family's grief was You know was immeasurable. And she sort of stuck on the police's case to make sure that that the investigation would be cold but would not be forgotten right and so she went to the you know the the head of major crimes at the germ regional police one day and said you know. I'm losing my hope I need you to hold onto it for me. And she passed the inspector little stone with the word. Hope engraved auto and The inspector kept it by his desk and it was not long after that that there was a break in the case so they interviewed an old friend of Allendale Smith's Who said that on the day of the murder he had asked Alan if he could score him. Pot and Allen said Yeah I can get it from my neighbor and the day after the murder. Alan call this guy back and said I've got your pot for you. And he also said that Allen had a twenty two caliber rifle which we know was used in the in the murder and so the police all of a sudden are like That helpful neighbor. Who helped shine the light for US? So many years ago is all of a sudden and interesting suspect and so they interviewed. Allen's Allen's excellent now ex wife Linda. Linda admitted that Allen could have left her site very briefly on the night of the murder said that she heard this bang which she thought was a car backfiring but could have been a rifle and so later that year they charged Allendale Smith with With the second degree murder of his neighbor beverly and that's it right the stories. That's weird happened. No absolutely not. So when so when they arrested Allen he said he had nothing to do with it and when they put them in jail still at innocent man at this at this is when they put an undercover officer with him posing as another prisoner to try to elicit a confession and Alan refused. So what happened was that the police knew that Alan had since The Murderer Beverly Smith. All those years ago decades ago Alan had had a incredibly difficult life and he had a long history of mental illness and Psychiatric Care. You know so for example. He was an alcoholic who drank every day smoked weed. You know whenever he could get it took pills and coke if he could find it but you know most of all he was he he. I should say he also. He heard voices he had he had trouble. Sort of telling the difference between reality and And fiction and you know he once said that he had one of these voices that would haunt him. He had imprisoned it in a jail in scarborough and ran away from it he was diagnosed with mood disorders. And you know had had it very tenuous grip on reality but more than anything. What he really wanted more than anything was a friend. He was incredibly lonely and what he really wanted was someone to go fishing with. He loved fishing. But you know. He said he had no one to do it. With and so the prosecutors. And the and Allen's defense came to an agreement that if the were allowed to go over Alan psychiatric records from all those decades go through it and there was no confession by Alan than they would withdraw the murder charge. And so it's a huge gamble for a defendant right to to to do that. I mean you know. Can you remember everything you've said? In the course of you know thirty five years with your health professional I can't but Allan said go ahead and so they did so A warrant was issued for the police to be able to look at these records. They were remain sealed until the judge approved it all but On the way on the plane ride back from Calgary Where they collected some of these records. The police just opened up the records. Anyway and just started going through it and they turned every page and they saw his loneliness and they saw his his His inability to distinguish reality from fiction his wanting to go fishing but they never found a confession so they withdrew the murder charge but now they were sitting on this goldmine of someone else's imagination. This person that they still thought you know could be involved in this murder and so they decided to weaponize his his psychiatric records to do this incredibly controversial type of police investigation called Mr Big. This is where the story gets. Even further off the rails. So why don't you first explain sort of the concept of a Mr Big investigation? And then I'll get you to describe this. Specific instance sure so Mr big investigation. It's sometimes I've heard been referred to as the Canadian investigation because it's illegal in in a lot of other countries real Yeah AND THE FIRST MR. Big that we know of it wasn't called Mr Big happened in one thousand nine hundred one but the modern form of it arose in our seem rcmp investigations mostly in British Columbia in.

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