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I'm Jason Candor, and this is majority fifty four, the podcast that helps the fifty four percent who did not vote for Donald? Trump talked to those who did about the most divisive issues in our country Revenue WanNa tell folks about our special guest co host this week our special guests today is actually the person who introduces US Jason Back Right after your Senate run. We were putting on this thing called the arena summit right after the election and there was this rock star candidate coming out of the election I was like you know who would be the dream keynote speaker for this event but you know we probably won't be them Sky Jason Candor and she's like I know Jason Candor and so she connected us we became fast friends. Is My friend Swazi LAVAR APU who runs insights which is a mission driven organization that invest in companies, nonprofits, and political organizations that are all doing things for the greater. Good. And one of those organizations is a Renault, the organization that I run in that she helped found we've known each other for over ten years maybe fifteen years now back when we were in. College and she has gone on to do amazing things. She was the National Investment, chair for Pete's campaign and a key advisor to him. She's worked at companies like square and and quit, and at a big time venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins and she was a Rhode Scholar. She's basically just the smartest person I know and so we're really excited to have you today Swazi. Excited to be here. It's to here the two of you hosting this podcast. Glad to join the conversation. Well, thank you for doing it. We tend to start every episode. As you know by talking about conversations we've had recently with persuadable voters so that we can sort of model that behavior that we're preaching about during every podcast. So I'll start this time and I'll say that you know sometimes the person who needs persuading already agrees in his voting the same way as us, but isn't giving any time to the cause and they're just complaining and a couple of nights ago I was out in my garage. Breaking down boxes for recycling and it was sort of dusk and somebody was walking by the house somebody I didn't know and they walked up and said, you're Jason Candor right and I was like, yeah, and we'll call this Guy Brad. He introduced himself and he said I got a question I said all right Brad. What's your question? He said why aren't? The Democrats fighting back. Why are they such wimps and so we went through this conversation from it and then I said Brad. Let me ask you how many hours have you given so far this year to a democratic campaign or cause, and he said, well, none I mean is just because they just want to fight back. So why should I so that? Was a frustrating conversation that I hope Brad Wanders by the House. Again, maybe I can convince them to give some time, but I mentioned it to say I wasn't successful in that one but I'm sure a lot of our listeners are hearing from these same sorts of people and I hope very few our listeners are acting this way I hope that people. Are doing more than just listening to the show that they're actually talking to their friends and relatives about these ideas and if not, or at the same time, they're also doing things like making calls and texting yet reminds me of after the two thousand, sixteen election. There's so much energy placed on Hillary Clinton or Komi are all these people outside of our control. And I. Think. The most productive response which I think most people took to that. was what can I do differently and that certainly question I asked I looked around and I did absolutely nothing other than vote to help Hillary Clinton win and so said a blaming her maybe we should look at ourselves. As I liked that push we'll. So then you started arena. So there was a pretty you were doing better than brand. Well. I had a lot of ground to make up. You know I'd spent a few years outside of politics. You know it's really interesting because I think it takes a slightly different flavor out in my neck of the woods. But there there's a similar parallel like I spend a lot of time talking to people that are building Tech Company says, employees is founders and it's a similar thing. It's like everybody out here. There's an assumption that we're going to vote and we know how we're going to vote for, and that's the end all be all in our civic responsibility. But increasingly I try and have these uncomfortable conversations with these friends about will what are you building and how do your value show up not just in the way that you vote once every two or four. Years but also in what you're building, and if you're helping to build a social media platform, that is one of the biggest avenues through which misinformation spreads, for example, how do you manifest your values? That way if you are a building company that is generating returns for venture capital firm where the partners are funding Donald Trump, how do you make a choice in who you pitch and who you're accumulating helping, accumulate, power and wealth for you know how do you manifest your values not just in your volunteer efforts or the money that you chip into candidate or the vote that you're making but also in the core thing that you're building I, think increasingly in my community and This community of have tech builders. These kinds of questions are really really important and we don't ask them enough and I know they're really uncomfortable. But I'm starting just by asking questions how do people react when you do that while they get uncomfortable? You know oftentimes it's not surprise me here. But of defensiveness because I think we've held onto this this myth of being apolitical of being neutral for too long and I'm kind of reminded I. Tend to go to extremes here but I'm reminded about like the passage from Dante's inferno that explained that the hottest place in Hell is for the folks that try and stay apolitical during times of moral crisis and I think what we're. Learning from all of the data and the evidence is that really no such thing as being neutral we are all political in this moment and the sooner we acknowledge that the sooner we can actually start to do stuff about it. It's interesting because as you know, I've spent a fair amount of time out in Silicon Valley raising political money, and there's definitely and I think one of the reasons that I liked you so much when I first met us because this wasn't present in our conversation but is a really pervasive feeling among other people there have like well, I'm here and I'm building things and we're pretty much God's gift. So we have very little responsibility beyond that. And I you know I'm over generalizing obviously but that's you've seen that too right. That's what you're talking..

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