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Oh man i'd i'd like the plot line likeable how'd you just read the story leeson was like what's a movie about what's the story that a kid that once something more than anything else over christmas but mcginnis president dog that's like 10 minutes of the movie ninetyminute movie he gets more reflecting on and on just like what makes a family a family like what makes the the value of what we're doing here like what bring like how christmas brings you together and i think the the'mad is like at the end of the day they all they all had that you know that chinese dinner together they all they all found a way to make it work yeah i mean at the end of the day like the first time okay i watch this last night and at the end i yelled he actually does heard is i what the fuck your remember that i mean i do but i just never really registered like this whole movies about him getting a gun and then he gets it any actually does it yeah and you know what everything still fine yes and that and that to me i was like that's what this is about me it's the idea that yeah we can all be chasing this big crazy thing and all these people can be telling us this terrible thing and you know what that terrible thing might happen or potentially are somewhat but you know it at the end of the day is just this is your family this is who you're gonna be with and it's like you're saying it's just a slice of this dudes just like a memory of this good christmas yeah there's like a couple of many aarchs in the film so at one of the aarchs being he curses in front of his dad by accident he gets his mouth soap doubt by his mom and then later in the film.

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