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And i also know with data that i have gleaned from burton malki al that since one thousand nine hundred fifty the worst twenty five year period has been a seven point nine four percent return for stocks so the moral of this story is yes i think this fellow henseler is onto something here rather than trying to time your way in and out and i know right now with the volatility and potential trade wars donald trump's impeachment or pending impeach i'm being facetious there but there are a lot of people that would like to see that for sure that could really cause the stock market to go haywire at least for a while but what this ten year rule says is don't worry about it because it will be a faint memory just think about what happened ten years ago we experienced the worst bear market crash since the great depression and there was one point where it was even worse than that on an after inflation adjusted basis so so getting out of the market would have been brilliant if you've done so in two thousand and eight and gotten back in in march of two thousand and nine but how many people actually did that and then when they get back in if they missed a year they probably miss seventy eighty percent recovery so i like this rule the ten year rule minds at fifteen but i think either one works it's all about patience and not trying to beat the system by timing your way in and out because you've gotta make too correct decisions you gotta know when they get out but equally as important you need to know when to get back miss either one of them have been far better off just buying and holding for at least ten years according to handlers ten year rule shall return.

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