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Out of body. Like he took he took two steps. S James harden. The third step is almost the assist from the rats now. That's a good call. Yeah. It's a very good call is it more selfish to have a bunch of assists. Because I actually think that the rockets this is proving that they're finally becoming a good team to the fact that he is not getting any. He's not getting assisted on any of his baskets. And no one's complaining about it. True. Chris Paul's hurt right yet. I just assume. Yeah, he's hurt. He actually. If you could just always assume, this is this is super impressive. I hope he I hope he does two more games without getting any any buck over fifty seven points. Yeah. Which is a very weird cutoff. That means. He scored fifty seven at one of those two games. Yes. I k when people stats, it's the worst. Who does that also quick update? If you saw this your man's, Michael Jordan. Yeah. Weeded out that he was the goat today. Yeah. I mean, whoever runs his accounted. Yeah. You don't think Michael Jordan runs? There. What would you actually say if you had to bet your life on it that Michael Tournus Twitter on his phone? I think he does go away. I think he has your life on that come on PF t I think he has had twitch which phone which phone that's got one for every bookie. There's no way that Michael Jordan has has logged onto Twitter ever. And he definitely doesn't know what emoji is so had Twitter. No. It's someone runs the jump man. Twenty-three account. Yeah. That's not him. No. It's not him. Definitely. It's not him. What's great in life is if you become super super successful at anything, you never have to learn anything else passed that point. Yep. You don't have to worry about technology or new inventions. You can just be like, I don't need that shit. Right. I'm better than I'm better than science. Right. That's that's something that we should all strive for JEAN CLAUDE van Damme theory. He got so smart that he just beat all science in in what life John Claude van Damme. Yeah. Okay. Speaks like fifteen different languages. No shit. Yeah. And he's Frank tooks, splits sport. That's nice. Yeah. So violence is the universal language again. Stands that exact white. Well, I don't know if he speaks how many stat boy. That was. How many languages John Claude van Damme speak, please be more than two. Well, I assume that anybody from he's Europe weird. Yeah. Where it's like you just sell everything from around you can't count Belgian and French is two different. Yes. You can I well, I just want to say I just noticed that I've been very mean to Hank over the last like three shows and I'd like to I'd like to. I'd like to apologize, but I'm not going to. Okay. Well, hey looks at up. We'll do a little perspective PF t you have some perspective to have some perspective. So can speak both, French and Dutch to in English. That's three come on in violent lambing away, me and four. He's got a few more. And love very smart RAV got. He's got a PHD from anywhere. He can understand Spanish because he had to spend counts. Speak the language properly. Five just never heard him uses like a marker of intelligence, but I I believe you if John cod Vandamme he might not have a PHD. We'll know he any knows a shitload of karate. So yeah, he's learned he's pretty he probably does know some Korean if he knows taekwondo. Yup. Right. We we twenty twenty noes tie. We twi. He speaks Brazilian. If you really get ima may, you know Brazilian. Yeah. And he's been married like six times. So he speaks the language of adultery. Breaking up married. Whoa. He was married. Oh, now, here's rears really, John. Call vindamme, deep dive ready for this. He was married to this woman called Gladys named. I don't I say called Gladys port Portugeuse Portuguese eighteen ninety seven to nineteen eighty seven to nine hundred ninety two and then. Divorced and then remarried ninety nine to present. Oh, I like that. Yeah. So. Yeah. The eternal flame put this in the memory machine..

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