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It premieres sunday on a._b._c. One o'clock eastern time with the first of five episodes of this first season the i episode serena versus the umpire and it is a pleasure to welcome to our show again don van natta junior. Thank you jeremy great to see you don. I'm really excited about the show and the series in general will what is the story. You're telling here about serena and what happened in the u._s. u._s. Open women's final in twenty eighteen well last year's women's final. If you remember serena was going for history she was trying to tie. Margaret court's record of twenty four singles titles and he's been trying for awhile for awhile but we all felt going into that that she was going to win. This was going to be a coronation. She was going going against a twenty year old and now naomi osaka which people really had some doubts about whether she had any chance to beat serena serena was her idol and as we all can recall all a year later the clash that occurred between serena williams and the chair umpire carlos ramos of portugal basically became a story much bigger than tennis <hes> it was about gender it was about race there were divided friends and families and so we decided to go back slow everything down because as you know in in the world today people make judgments instantly hundred forty characters and that's what happened here and we really wanted to slow everything down zapruder film like almost show each of the three code violations that were call by ramos against serena williams see why they happen what happened behind the scenes and then also dig deeply into the aftermath well. You know it's interesting because i know i think we we're speaking when you decided this would be one of the topics for the series and <hes> the other topics they were a little bit <hes> more born or rear view mirror. They weren't quite as recent and there were there. Were some more obvious unknowns with some of the other things we were talking about like like <hes> for instance demand taito situation from almost seven years ago now. How does the serena story with carlos ramos fit into the context of what what the concede is for the series. Well it really is trying to explore the story behind the story and so my goal is reporting as the title back store exactly accolades and the backstory as a backstory point in every back story of any story that you've done in your courage army or that i've done is always more interesting. The story behind the story is always the story that in-depth journalists investigative journalist try to find out you're right that this was only a year old but we began reporting this as israeli as november of last year where we started sitting down with people on camera months after take xactly where it was still fresh in everybody's mind and we felt that there was a lot of ground to cover over you know serena insisted during that matches we can all recall. I don't cheat. This is a matter of character what rama's called on that coaching code violation. She said i never never have gotten coaching so we just wanted to even just on that moment. Look deeply see how often did hear her coach patrick murata glue send coaching signals. I interviewed uh-huh interviewed him for the episode at wimbledon this year. He said it was the first time ever he sent a coaching violation a coaching code coaching a signal to serena and and so just even on that particular moment. I think viewers are going to be very surprised about what we found out. Serena looked right at the box as patrick murata glue sent the signal and we we see in a split screen murata glue nodding as serena's looking as he's sending the signal and at wimbledon. I asked him a very simple question. Why do you not did you feel that actually serena had seen that signal and then we found out exactly why carlos ramos called the code violation didn't speak to him didn't speak with serena but found out with people people around ramos y he called a code violation which has never been reported before and center episode were speaking with dan van don van natta junior about his new series backstory. It's premiering this weekend on a._b._c. It'll be on e._s._p._n. And e._s._p._n. Plus and e._s._p._n.'s app all week long as well <hes> starting doing this week. I should say the first one the first episode of serena versus the armpit and it's interesting because <hes> <hes> sometimes in journalism people don't wanna see how the sausage is made and this isn't necessarily as much journalism story as some of the other things that i know you're focusing on on but when you do that what is it like approaching people to talk about something that has been controversial that they're not necessarily eager to to revisit not easy and particularly on the five topics that we've chosen for the first season. These are topics that a lot of the protagonist don't wanna revisit visit but we're not gonna let let's say manteaux decides not to sit down with us for that particular episode decide whether we're going to do it or not <hes> serena williams as i said didn't sit down with us nor did carlos ramos <hes> but we still feel talking to members of their camps and the reporting. We got that we got a lot of new information. The show's conceit ezekiel jeremy is a journalism journey and it's my journey and it's done differently it rather than regular voice overs. I speak very conversational almost podcast style of what's in my head as i take each step and hopefully they'll be an audience for that that will be interested in sort of the search for truth about a topic that people think think they know but we feel there's a lot more ground to <hes> to to to cover an a lot more information to uncover well. Nobody really cares what i buy. These great idea for a show and i'm really looking forward to to to seeing these five episodes. Although i only know the topics i think of three of them. I'm sure the other two will be great as we know there's serena which is on this weekend end and then there is a joe jackson shoeless joe jackson pete rose show coming as well yes but went. When are we going to see that. That'll be either mid october. No oh no later than early november so in a couple of months and that's the banning of shoeless joe or the hundredth anniversary obviously of the black sox scandal a through line from shoeless joe and the black socks talks to pete rose who was banned thirty years ago for betting on baseball and then even look at legalized gambling now in the embraced by major league baseball currently and whether those two guys jackson and rowe's deserve to be in the hall of fame is obviously one of the questions we'll be exploring during that episode and then there's mankato is well. Yes which we interviewed you for in fact was great. Yes thank you were fantastic. So the first interview for this for this series was shaking his head in disgust the the first interviews with jeremy shop for this search for the series jeremy of course played a major role in the coverage of that got the first interview with tayo and yes and january january twenty thirteen time but the interview with you is great and and <hes> and and so people can look forward to that early twenty twenty that episode we're speaking with don. Van natta junior bet his new series premiering this weekend on a._b._c. One o'clock eastern time backstory. The first i episode is serena versus. The and i know at least some of the inspiration for the series came from a <hes> robert avid used to work on east sixty and the thirty for thirty. He did about his experience covering bob knight and neil read when he was at c._n._n. That i in roberts working on the show robert is the show runner on the show jon dahl one of the co creators of the great thirty for thirty film series is an executive producer right thomson the great writer as an executive producer newsra backstory as well and bluef- entertainment the folks from avon connecticut who are incredible filmmakers. Tim oregon hillary horgan pretty good. They do yeah it's. It's an all star team. It's it's it's been a lot of fun and i'm surrounded by so much talent so it screws up. It's on me. Nobody's gonna blame you don i. We're all looking forward to it. I am <hes> <hes> you know it's interesting with serena we get into this a little bit later in the show and we talked to mary carillo <hes> we recorded her interview before i am now speaking to you and she she talked about how difficult it is sometimes to cover serena <hes> because she is such a presence in the sport and she's meant so much adds to it and there's a very good case of course be made may be convincing case that she is the greatest female player ever but <hes> sometimes any kind kind of criticism of her has been shut down and she is shut <hes> she shut out people who have criticized her. How how fraud has that been <hes> in terms of getting people to talk about her very difficult and <hes> we've had more than one person say to us. You're either a one hundred percent with serena or you're against her so even in in persuading people to sit down and revisit that match there. I think there were making the calculation what what whatever i say. Is that gonna upset serena or her camp so it was a challenge <hes> but i think that we were able to overcome it with a lot of new information and and you know we'll see look patrick. Murata glue serena's serena's coach now for seven years who sent the coaching signal that started this whole drama during the us open final last year. He said he sat down with me. <hes> at wimbledon gave a great interview very revealing but he said to me before the average army..

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