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Force has a somewhat checkered history on speaking to friends of mine with relatives in those sheffield areas where the protests have been going on it's actually the policing now this upsetting the more than anything else i'm very briefly just one last thing dinner like where does this go from now do you think yeah i think it's important to just say on the policing point that south yorkshire police say that they have to be there when when there are people breaking the law and that's what they're doing if they're stepping inside the barrier an appoint themselves interventions they have to be there a risk to the public and it's a different balancing act for the police you know whether there needs to be thirty offices there sometimes in riot gear requestioned to be debated what we have here now is opposed i think the pressure was just too much on sheffield city council i think from my conversations the private contractor jeremy corbin's office michael gov everywhere you looked to the police the pcc in sheffield it was so much pressure on them to call a holes that eventually i think the pressure came became too much so we've got this temporary pause a lot of people in sheffield kind of cynical saying was this just because of the local elections and we're gonna find they start the day after polling day we'll see my my sense is the is a bad look for everybody nobody wants this to continue and that's it for this week's episode of ft politics thank you to jim mandarin dino for joining us we'll be back next week for another installment after politics was presented by specimen pain and produced by anna data and joshua oliver until next time thanks for listening.

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