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And we have taste of Cincinnati. The highlight the kick off the summer season, I think is says a lot about where cities had to despite the dysfunction of allege leadership. Because at the end of the day, you know, at it's about me, and it's about you, getting doing our jobs doing what we're supposed to be doing handling our business and then cut loose and having some fun and is dysfunctional as things are not just here in Cincinnati and Hamlin county but hell look, what's happening in Washington DC. We are still getting stuff done. The economy despite the drop in the Dow days still humming along, because we remain optimistic that we can handle our business. We can do what we're supposed to do. We go to work, we pay our taxes. We raise families we live our lives. We interact with another ninety nine and a half percent of the time. We're all cool with each other as it should be. Unfortunately, five percent of the population or half a percent of the population are criminals and politicians. If we can get rid of that group, we'd be great, right me. And you live in harmony, and I don't care who you are where your background is what you look like what gender Yar. Or what gender you wanna be? I don't care. That's the uplifting part about this whole thing and memorial weekend. Is that the people that really matter are meeting you in look at memorial weekend? Because what are we doing? We're honoring our nation's war dead. The people who really put up and shut up, right? Is you talking about people who volunteered largely drafted and decided to enter the United States, military in give their lives in defense in this great nation that politicians and deadbeats are trying to score up? So you know, as often said it's ninety nine and a half percent of us that are right. That are the good people. It's a half a percent of people that are clowns. And that's unfortunately, we spend a lot of time talking about that half percent, just to put things in perspective for you before we get into the dumpster fire Amblin county commissioners, just ahead with Sloan on seven hundred WWE. Cincinnati..

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