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Listening Lucky. Three mobile news on the level on the go. The surgeon general found himself in violation Sunny and 76. Degrees Clear and cool tonight mostly sunny and warmer Tomorrow. I'm Stanley here. Here's what's trending. It's real, too excited for not following Corona virus restrictions in Hawaii, the U. S surgeon general Jerome Adams. John Herrick reports, a police officer says Adams, who also used to be Indiana State health commissioner was in a park near Honolulu taking pictures. But the problem is that the park was closed to prevent large gatherings. When Adams was confronted, police say he told them that he didn't know that Parkes were closed. Adams was in Hawaii to work with the governor there on the state's Corona virus response. Now. Adams is due in court. October 21st John Herrick 93. WNBC Mobile knew his brother had the facts, says Congressman Greg Pence, And with that, he says Mike Pence was the clear winner of the debate with Kamala Harris. She was angry or condescending alone. No, but you know, I think, definitely. My brother won that by huge, huge munch, the congressman says The vice president was right to point out that Harris gave no answer to a question about packing the Supreme Court. A former president of Franklin College, has pleaded not guilty to child porn charges. Rob conduct reports. Thomas Minor was arrested in January after he was caught sending sexual messages and photos with who he thought was a 15 year old boy, but turned out to be an undercover cop. Soon after he was fired by Franklin College. Investigators also found child porn on his phone in March, Minor faces 12 counts of possession of child porn and other sex related charges. Rob connote 93 WNBC Mobile News, a fundraiser for the Niederhauser family in Greenfield, where four year old Brentley hasn't inoperative brain tumor. Her mother tells which TV She's given the biggest fight of her life, and she is I couldn't be more proud of her.

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