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Itiveness. The FDA now has to review the data. The two companies have been working through the Trump Administration's Operation Warp speed program to fast track vaccines. More than 43,000 test subjects were given the vaccine and none showed any serious complications or side effects. Dave Now, Evan, there been a day surge of coronavirus cases across the country For the fifth day in a row. There were more than 100,000 cases. President Trump Tweeted. It's great news stock market up Big Dow futures up over 1000 for 100 markets are surging overseas as well. Utah's governor is the latest to make wearing a mask in public mandatory and president elect Joe Biden wants a nationwide mass mandate in the Democrat will Today rollout is Corona Virus Task Force one of its leaders, Dr Vivek Murthy. Dr. Mercy's name may sound familiar because President Obama named him to be the nation's top doctor in 2014, but President Trump Relieved him shortly after taking over in 2017 boxes, Griff Jenkins, but his Biden moves forward. President Trump isn't backing down planning legal challenges. Fox's Rachel Sutherland has more live Dave. The Trump team is auntie lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin and in Nevada, where match slap with the conservative political action conference claimed on the Fox business Network. We just with laptops and publicly available information Nation found 3000 people who voted in this election who don't live here. The Wall Street Journal reports. Some of those votes could be from military families who are transferred who are legally allowed to cast ballots date. Rachel.

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