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This is one man brand radio. Newsradio KLBJ. Yes. Indeed, we're back. And this is the part of the show where we like to shine the spotlight on local entrepreneur shirts about business advice. Yeah. But it's also to celebrate the spirit of Austin. And we couldn't have anybody who represents that better. I don't think Eddie Wilson. From the Armadillo world headquarters, you know, from thread gills, and Eddie you've written this book about the Armadillo titled Armadillo world headquarters with Jesse sublet who's been on the show before he said, he he likes you like him a lot too. It's a shame. He couldn't be here with us today. And I want to dive into all this. But we got clear one thing up. I, you know, on the way into the studio here, you know, I just reiterated we've got a business advice show here for entrepreneurs. But I'm not here to give you advice for you to give it. Nice. I'm here looking for it. Okay. I got to talk to my scheduler, Eddie. No, that's no. You're here here to share your wisdom from from. Let's just let's get that part out of the way. And then we can have fun talking to you in school degree and qualify yourself for a job. I'm in the business that I'm in because I'm not qualified job. So I had to make up everything I did uniquely employable to run the Armadillo world headquarters in thread gills, though, which are icon ick. Austin brands, you know, we talk about brands, and what they mean to the city, and you know, you explore I think, you know, maybe without tackling it straight on from marketing or branding standpoint. But the Armadillo is just such an iconic part of the Austin fabric. And so much has been said and written about what the Armadillo meant to Austin back in the day. What Kim continues to me? How do you? How do you sort of protect that legacy? I'm not sure at this point. Whether you can't protect anything that doesn't have some life in it. If it's dead you put it under glass sticking to museum. We're still trying to keep the spirit a lab keeping them humming with people at work. Making a living. It's important. It's important to one hundred and fifty people that make the best decisions that I can because we put people through law school. We put people through nursing school. We've got we've got career restaurant people. The job market has changed so much since we started. And we're the BoomTown of America is just amazing the difficulty you have in finding people that you really want, and it's really hard to hold onto the people that you have that you really want. If they have other aims because job secret market. It really is. It's one man brand radio on KLBJ Eddie Wilson from threat gills Armadillo world headquarters. Our guest to shine the spotlight on a local entrepreneur like we do. And it's an excellent point that you're making there because it really is job seekers market. And in a lot of ways what's interesting with my own experience is kind of in the music business and the service industry. In a college town like Austin, you're going to get people where that is what they're doing until they get around to what they really wanted grew up as a five year old hanging around the campus. Because my mother was finishing her degree from Mississippi college for women. I think he was called blue bonnet college for women, Mississippi and World War Two. My father was killed when I was just an infant. And so when she remarried Woody the Plummer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi first thing what he did was get out of Mississippi. I came to Texas to work rebuilding the carbide plant in Texas city that exploded. Didn't like that atmosphere thought it was still too dangerous came to Austin in the spring of forty eight and to take his plumbers license test and was told he could work here. Uninterrupted for the next two three years, at least because things were booming at one of those things is that one hundred acres of track homes are right behind thread yield on north Lamar so day brought us to Steph other brought us to Austin. So he could work on new plumbing rather than old plumbing. There's a world of difference in the plumbing world, I know a little bit. The world actually. Monica ballots in the studio with here. My creative director you often hear on the show, and we work with Fairmount of plumbers. So it's it's interesting. You just kind of went there, you know, organically out, but plumbing is very organic. Getting but it takes an awful lot of infrastructure that. Keep things moving freely. Oh, there you go. Get your cubs effortlessly keeping us if we will talk about flow for a little bit. He thinks flowing. Okay. Let me I'm Brian radio with Eddie Wilson. So Eddie told us talk about collaboration. I said we're going to run out of things we're going to run out of show before we run out of things to talk about. And I can tell you that for sure, but collaborations also important in business, and this book that you've got out that chronicles the history of the Armadillo world headquarters, you wrote with local author Jesse sublet, of course, people remember back from the music scene as well. What was that collaboration like working with Jesse? It was like. Taking. The perfect aspirin makes the headache. Go away. Jesse was just exactly what I needed. He took the first two or three hundred times. I tried to start sit down and working on the book. I started from page one every single damn, and then gradually just started listing stories that I thought might stand out so Jesse came in and took about eighty percent of what he had to Wade through and put it in a stack on us out of the desk and and very kindly petted. Didn't said this is for later what we have now is a memoir that has its own purpose and definition and some limits. Well, it really does it really does. And you know, what I'd like to do is let's start with why why why is it important for you to capture all of this? And I mean, that's standard. The big old book. Right. Very old guy. Memoir starts a long time ago. I tell people I started on it. And when I was ten, but. But. Bad spelling kept me from from continuing. Because every I would go back and look at the first cinemas did I ever wrote his ten year old? My father was killed in world was to Jesse Jesse was very kind. He he gave me he gave me something to. Something to be proud of. It's a big book. I weighed it when we first. It's exactly an ounce and a half kilo. I should have seen that. This is the main brand Radiohead KLBJ. We get Eddie Wilson from Armadillo world headquarters, and of course, thread deals as well. So Eddie, no. One of the things we love about you. You're a character a bit of a rock and tour, but as you were saying that doesn't always mean that it's easy for maybe more extroverted people who could tell a good story to sit down, and like logically, you know, sit with the discipline to right and right? So it sounds to me like what you're saying. Is that you and Jesse in terms of writing this book together a little bit of a partnership where where he could be sort of the project manager, the facilitators sort of extract the stories from you and then sculpted into the. Dude, it so well, he actually had an Armadillo experience, you know, the skunk played at Armadillo when there were only like four months old baby skunks, and of course, he associated Armadillo with progressive country, which was an albatross a label hung around our necks by other people. And I mean, we were having remarkable jazz for Moselle parade. We had we had ballet one Sunday a month for almost ten years. We did not want to be labeled progressive country. But it was a good name for a book. Redneck rock was named for a book. And so between between the book, and Michael Murphy wanting to be a cosmic cowboy we ended up saddled with a bit of a what we consider it a bit of a burden because we wanted to be. The cultural Petri dish of Austin and let things develop that people couldn't find you didn't have grannies and bikers go into the same ballet until Armadillo had two little the little darlings on stage eleven one man brand radio on kale VJ with Eddie Wilson. So I'll tell you my first the first time, I became aware that the Armadillo was a thing was in one thousand nine hundred eighty three eighty four eighty three or eighty four and I'm a student at Georgetown high school, and I'm at the pretenders concert at the franker when center and Chrissie Hinde is onstage talking about having played at the Armadillo. And how important it was to the first time that I'd ever become aware. I mean must have been what sixteen seventeen at the time. You talk about these Texas artists, but but the traveling acts, and the fact that it was their connection. I connection with Austin berry was so Murang'a musical universe to Austin. There wasn't anything going on here. And so our job was to number one. I'm just going to try to manage headband. And that was an impossible job have to have something determined to pull in the same direction. And I accidentally discovered this big gigantic empty building. That least for very very little because nobody else could make a go of it. The the landlord was very good to us in terms of rent. But we were also kind of nice to him. He had he had young young teenagers did needed looking after. So we we became kind of a baby sitter for a lot of people's kids mad dog people, Cartwright, and shrink and all of my literary heroes that lived here was the first person I ever knew who got a good paycheck out of New York City living in Austin, working for Sports Illustrated, and Sports Illustrated, even did a profile of armadillos in the world. Right. I did not know that he almost got in trouble. For that. Because something else in the press made people Sports Illustrated think that maybe he owned part of it and was feathering his nest, but that had absolutely no credence. He had simply given me. A give me a check from that group of his it included an and Dave Richards, and and a lot of very wonderful people who ended up as my regulars at the raw deal. And and so he he wanted me to find a place and sent me, you know, with thousands dollars check to the Vulcan and the Vulcan I was raised by a plumber. And so I took one look at the bathroom to divulge said, no way. Am I going to tackle that? And if it hadn't been for Woody Wilson and Beulah Wilson and the free plumbing that armed. We probably got what would have cost at retail fifty thousand dollars worth of plumbing out of my mom and my dad, and volunteer hippies with shovels and picks and plumbed those outdoor bathrooms and a beer garden. Plumbed the kitchen that made it all possible or Madonna was made possible in our reputation was made large because of what we fed the musicians that came to play there at van Morrison came back and play extra date because after after three nights of..

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