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Pie cheesecake folks raw. Okay. I'm not trying fucking sweet potato cake. No thanks. Sorry God forbid something. You're POW with the refined taste of. Chocolate mill exactly. That's. Sweet potatoes. Potato cheesecake I'd probably give. You Bastard. OPS. I can't. hey guys I'm curious. Are you guys sheets tucked or untucked guys I know you sleep with rocks after hidden? In sleep release but as much as you travel curious if you prefer tucked or untucked the foot of the bed. Hotel you untuckit the first thing when you get into. Oh. Please he's. Up. On cheese here's here's the issue I have I always took. What did you think we were talking about? He's talking about shirt and I was thinking like the actual bed covering that guy like just had on talked all the time I was like psychotic. Phychi. Phychi. The first one that goes tucker cheese just making sure because that's what I thought I i. don't see sheets anymore. Yes. I do not. Know when you go to the hotel your. They have sheets on the bed. Have you ever slept.

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