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Do you have questions about vaping because I have a lot of questions about vaping and I guess that's not too surprising. I mean it's huge. According to the University of Waterloo half a million Canadians tried an e cigarette breath and then there are all these reports now of people getting sick a Canadian in London Ontario who ended up on life supports visual was using e cigarettes cigarettes and hundreds of cases in the United States five hundred thirty people now including eight. That's from vape related factors. They had no idea what was going on inside until they put me into medically induced coma eighteen. My lungs are like a seventeen year olds so so what's causing this and why now I mean. Wasn't this supposed to be safer than smoking today. We're going to try and get as clear a picture as possible about vaping. I'm I'm joined by Andre Picard Health reporter for the globe in Mail. This is from Printer Andre. Thank thank you so much for joining me today. So I'm a bit confused by what's going on here. What is actually making all these people sick and I think that I need to start the beginning to really understand this and so you know maybe some people listening have tried vaping. I think most of us have probably seen people puffing on what looks like a USB East Egg. But can you explain to me. The logistics of how vaping actually works yeah so cigarettes as you know. Smoking is Lighting Tobacco so combustible bowl product and then breathing in smoke vaping is heating up liquid with the coil usually battery operated and that predisposes vapor you inhale the the differences between smoking and vaping smoke versus vapor. Each of these things have chemicals in them small cast Paul Bunch of chemicals be perhaps a little less and unusually with vaping they add things like flavors in those are a big issue of debate now okay and I want to get to that in a moment when we say vaping we're not just is talking about nicotine through this liquid right like this vague juice juice were also talking about vaping we'd and that can be done in an oil or you're like just by stuffing a bunch of weed into vaping device a married about that you can put any number of substances in the liquid so the issue is heat. The liquid decreed read vapor and it can be nicotine can be watermelon flavor it can be. THC can be it can be any number of things and DAB is like really concentrated form of of the okay. How popular is vaping right now because we're hearing all these stories from teachers who say that they have teens in their classes. Who are essentially intially smoking these Easter grits under t shirts in class? Do It right in your Fisher washrooms outside in class if they can get away with it all I just want the teachers not looking just and then just blow it in their shirt lease the rim of April sometimes yeah it is commented does happen yeah yes so it is very popular with teens about roughly one in five high school students vapes or twenty percent quite high but one in twenty adults veep suits fairly popular okay and I know one kind of staggering statistic that I read recently was at this company jewel which makes the cigarettes in the PAS that you put in them like a very popular company. They're gonNA make more than three point four billion dollars in sales this year yeah jewel is immensely popular especially with the young people because they looks like a USB keys or three the easy to high low maintenance etc and one pod is the equivalent of the nicotine in a pack of cigarettes two hundred puff so you can really get addicted quickly. That's the problem with that product. Okay Okay University of Waterloo professor. David Hammond Studies the public health implications of vaping if you're worried about your kids vaping this is probably your nightmare product. This generally has two or three times the nicotine concentration of other e cigarettes. It's so high in fact that they couldn't sell this version in England where they have limits on the nicotine content and these statistics that we're talking about are they generally statistics around e cigarettes the nicotine nicotine e cigarettes or are. We also talking about vaping. We'd or teats see oil here. Do we know how popular that is. We don't really know 'cause you know in most. US states is it's not like candidates who it's illegal so people are reluctant to talk about it. Statistic are complicated to weed through okay so we know essentially these are enormously popular particularly among young people though it's a little bit unclear you know how many people are using it for easy. Gretz at how many people are using it for being we'd but nonetheless very popular her I want to talk to you about these related illnesses that we started seeing. I understand like for me watching the news. This all started happening over the summer. This is when let me really started to see them. Federal investigators are trying to get to the bottom of a recent outbreak of lung illnesses that could be linked to vaping symptoms include coughing shortness of breath breath and fever. You know these things are increasing every day. We're hearing more and more about it and tell me about what was happening well. The first report came out in the summer so I think it's a issue of quantity so if you have enough people doing something you start to see trends towards same thing when smoking started. We didn't realize it would make people sick until there is enough of a critical mass that you you start seeing consequences of any products with vaping these is probably occurred earlier but we're seeing them and people are spotting patterns now and the pattern seems to be emerging his young people. Almost all young men have vaping. THC So cannabis product and then buying it on on the black market so that's a big issue so the issue seems to be Bootleg Products some kind of adulterated substance in the vaping liquid. That's causing them. I'm to be ill and that's what the doctors think is making them. Ill The vaping of THC or DR THC oil. Is that what we're talking about it. It could be oil. You shouldn't be vaping oil so if there's oil in your product. It's probably a bootleg product is mainly done a good thing to start off with so that's problematic but the outcome is this fairly rare form of pneumonia pneumonia. What pneumonia means is your lungs filling up with liquid and in this case what they're seeing these young people is not only liquid but globules tells a fat and that indicates that there's some kind of product in there that shouldn't be so initially we talked about vitamin. E acetate so something that's used commonly in in vitamins but you shouldn't have it in your lungs so they said this a few young people but we've been cautioned that this isn't in everyone so that's probably not the source but is an example love. There's some kind of chemical reaction going on that's causing it seems this rare form of pneumonia.

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