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That they realize it without the panthers there is no racing and so wagering on racing is not a nice stigma attached to it there's nothing wrong with cashing a big bet at the track winning you brag about it a in all in all in our country is a little bit of a you know all tell anybody you know my family it's like a stigma attached to it you know having spent my life my adult life in this game i know i you know there's been times when people all year at the track all notes like no jumping over there it seems like that's a you know you you you have people who are one night who are in racing you have the queen showing up every day that'd be at the royal asking meeting and that adds validity to it adds except ability but the fact that she became involved in it she's not the first loyal to be involved in it because it all comes from queen man i believe single founded ask any end so it's interesting for me to watch how so it's broadcast how it's all taking in regard for the end of the spectrum player he we attempt to a explains sport to the player much like yeah and you know nfl nfl coach would talk about this team even even in more detail trainers really do but most of it out and give you a pretty good shots their chances of winning order a well he the ground is not quite right from today or you know there there was one race i can't remember the horse i wanna say the trainer was oh come on yeah hot hosking i mean i know i know i'm wrong anyways bringing back a horse lay off one of the highly regarded runners in a big stakes races and the point is on the broadcast everything but say don't buy this horse right and i thought that would that would so outstanding and then the interviewer after he goes through this long explanation of the ground is not right and i didn't wanna runner but i thinks he's sitting off i think she'll be okay i know i certainly don't do anything earlier but it kinda like saint today's the day you know and then after the race three the water the reporter said or or he he actually's later interviewed again i wish i could name anyway he actually said well i pulled the jockey catcher i say that you hey not bad but the fact that someone is even saying that that would never ever be saying you know that that'd be for the race you know things are right and he went on a give you all the reasons and then finally you know said he interviewed later when you want another one is defined what happened to sit well with the only time it wasn't the day so i told from the i told my take here and so anyway that's just an example of what i feel good overall respects the punter respect worthy explaining what we're doing here how it works nobody yeah that's bothers me personal also i'd like saint nick look oh well you know if he gets on the show off in a he's he's really good he you know he's he's got obviously the game on home don't tell you is playing home games and that's certainly the energy he knows the horses well he knows the players well so that damage but moving action along 'em a similar to this unique smoothly between i tv broadcasts right andy nbc 'em interviewing he just said i start an excellent job in the broadcast look that's not the say everyone else and didn't do a great job but i'm pulling him out because he didn't excellent job well it's called there's there's also a and we were probably gonna gonna hear from nick what the recap 'em and in.

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