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Morning news. San Diegans honored for bravery, but it would cost the chilling stories of heroism. I'm Phil Farrar. San Diego's real time traffic first, Let's get to it. Let's get to Kevin Dean. Well, let's do it north on 15 crash getting right up towards the mall in Escondido, just north of the Wrench Parkway, and it has the right lanes blocked except near the seven City park way off ramp, Actually, right, Couple of lanes blocked their car ran into the back of a semi there. That car's wedged underneath the truck. They're getting the people out of the car now doing education that and it's gonna be a wealth where they get these lanes open. The right lanes are blocked off. Gonna get a pretty good sized tow truck up there about 40. £1000 of stuff aboard that semi looks like the Axle's broken. Yes, South on 15 running, okay, coming in from Escondido. No troubles at all matter fact down past an accident all the way down over Lake Hodges. This report sponsored by ex urgent accuracy matters get a $5 rebate by training up any non contact thermometer toward an ex urgent purchased at any retainer accuracy matters, especially when it comes to checking for fever. Extra. Jin's accuracy is back, then published by Peer reviewed clinical studies. Details at ex surgeon dot com. Who goes next real time traffic up there. Just 10 minutes away. Mostly cloudy skies Today patchy light rain will continue through the morning with a slight chance into the afternoon and again tonight into early tomorrow morning Coast up to 62 Today Inland 64 the mountains 51 the deserts up to 80. Right now. Downtown. It looks like we are cloudy and 59 Coco News time is 5 12. The San Diego County District Attorney's office recognizes seven people for their bravery and heroism..

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