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So the as have sort of caught the is dron differential over the streaks is suggested the FEC arena record of six hundred or six hundred winning percentage, which is good, but they have over chief, but marriage can't really complain about that because they've been doing that all your lung. Yeah. So the team on the other end of that familia trade, the New York Mets are going through yet another round of articles about their dysfunction, and Jeff passan has just penned the latest take down of the Mets front office or really it's the Mets ownership group and the latest to happen here. I mean, we know that the Mets are now sellers. They're still a question about whether. They will really go all in on selling, entertain offers for central garden to ground or whether they will just sell some pieces like familia. But we know that right now the team is operating with sort of a three headed GM because of course, sandy Alderson is taking a hiatus to treat cancer. And so it's kind of unclear how much the replacement GM trio members have power and how much Jeff wilpon has power. And that's kind of a scary thing for Mets fans because the wilpon. So of course not beloved for their management track records. So the latest things that have surfaced here are what seems like the pattern of miscommunication when it comes to injured players. So you went assessment as said, I believe on Friday that he might need surgery on both of his heels that could keep him out for close to year something like that, potentially career threat. Inning surgery and after Cessnas made those comments to reporters? Mets manager, Mickey Calloway said that he was not sure what cesspit had said. And then he was informed about what says it said, and he said that's concerning. And so it's sort of the old. MS style, lack of communication where it seems like the front office doesn't know what the manager knows, and the manager doesn't know what the front office knows. And neither of them knows what players are saying. It's a bad situation that of course there was the very easy punchline story, which is the latest deals tent for Mets. His Noah Syndergaard going on the DO with hand foot and mouth disease, which I think was probably news to some people that that is a disease that exists and that humans can contract this very much sense like something you would read about a nineteenth century baseball team in some player being out with dysentery or consumption or something like that. The Mets have hand foot and mouth disease. It's viral infection, and apparently they're now kind of monitoring other players because it's very communicable. And so if Syndergaard at hand foot and mouth disease and anyone. Touched syndergaards hand or mouth. I suppose they could now have hand foot out to sea. So it's just the most Mets story. Magical at both of us have downplayed idea that the Mets are really maybe not the fact that there are worst run organization, but that the results have been worse because again, they were in the playoffs recently. They were in the World Series. The recently we were just talking about the Mariners, not making the playoffs since the early two, thousands, I think I would choose to a Mets fan over a Mariners fan in terms of recent results. But you do seem to get, and you know, when Lindsay Adler was on filling in for you. She said, just having been up close and personal with the Mets and observing the Mets and the Yankees in the same season, there's just no comparison between the professionalism of one organization and the other is just the latest example of that. And I don't know what you do because it seems like it's getting to the point where you need new owner. Herships to actually fix the situation. And I don't know that there's any new ownership on the horizon there doesn't seem to be, but they're almost certain should be this New York. Mets. It's a hell brand. This is in part a huge problem of the PR..

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