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That's where the majority of money's coming from his going to make a lot more very soon. He's already set up deals with Amazon Hulu to carry his videos, and the toy and clothing deal with WalMart. So what's this about and boxing toys that children find appealing to watch? It's something about that feeling. It's almost virtual reality. You're watching someone bucks this fresh package of brand new toys, and it's almost like you're they're experiencing yourself. My sons watch this. He's three. So this is a real phenomenon. I still don't really see the joy in it. But a lot of people especially children, really love it and YouTube is learned to monetize that. So I see similar like a YouTube video like people on boxing, iphone, new the latest iphone? Equity exciting fear is very much. So as well. Exactly. So the boys channel translate people buying the toys, he he reviews the tech site the verge that a report on him to long ago in as they put it it's subliminal advertising and its finest. Because what you've got is more and more YouTube stars driving retail by essentially running along advertisement. But in a completely different way, and that's evident from the partnerships with the walmarts and the who's of the world. And does the boy Ryan appreciate his fortune fame. He is a very good natured kid he is only seven. So at this point, he probably thinks his biggest guy on earth. Any kind of isn't as far as YouTube is concerned. But there's something little unsettling about the marketing of child when we're talking about in Sumer ISM. So every day, it's moved from let me on bucks. These toys to now is getting his haircut. He's brushing his teeth in his mama debtor, documenting this also putting that out on YouTube. So it's going to be a long along life living in the world of YouTube for for this little guy believe thanks. That's all the time. We have for decision today, a quick recap, China and Parma have agreed to further promote their relations U N chief says climate change is the most important issue where facing hot Harz was throwing from OPEC and Sri Lankan prime minister retro puncture Shaw caused four election to solve political instability into this episode again, we're catch up on previous episodes. You can download our podcast by searching full world news analysis program engineer of this episode. Yummy. Thanks for listening..

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