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I'm john batchelor malcolm hoenlein conference of presidents this is the allow report with malcolm hoenlein he's traveling he's the middle east it's a great pleasure to welcome the new york times best selling author ronen bergman his new book the best seller rise and kill first the secret history of israel's targeted assassinations it is an extremely carefully arranged explication of israel's defence of itself against his bad actors in the region chiefly always authored by iran which has where we're going to take ronen tonight however the book and is now promised me before i allowed him on air he will return to new york at some point in future and we will speak together on stage seventeen at length about the the rich material here about israel defending itself say a mussad against iran or israel against the hezbollah the title comes from a quote from the bible ony and talbott talmon this is drought try are track tate sahi dron portion seventy 72 verse one if someone comes to kill you rise up and kill him first that sounds like hezbollah 2018 in league with iran with russia with syria ronen a very good evening to you congratulations for being a bestseller i don't usually speak to best sellers on my radio show i'm a bookish man i hope you forgive me for asking a forward question the threat that you speak of over the over these last decades is that threat now in lebanon is that threat now coming at israel freshly with all these allies good evening to you good evening could go dog liberty milko uh yes so if you would the chiefs of israeli intelligence to date to grade the main threats that they see in the future in the horizon of israel they would put as the first priority is the main threat as the main issue that they need that they need to do and see these in these dairy hours the iranian deployment in.

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