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Of the wings illinois national guard contingent deployed in support of ongoing military operations across the globe well the live music is cranking at keener plaza tonight it's the second of two nights for intercom saint louis uncorked event at keener plaza better than i national recording artists carney takes the stage as the headliner at ten it's a free show there are some opening acts before him including the new york city based pete airs band they're taking the stage just before nine in sports the cardinals posted another dramatic walk off win colton wong's home run in the bottom of the ninth came after bud norris allowed a pirate home run in the top of the ninth final score saint louis three pittsburgh to those same two teams play tomorrow afternoon at bush well the big word today tonight it continues is humidity in saint louis and we could see a pop up thunderstorm otherwise it'll be a low of sixty five tonight and it will feel better after that sunshine lower humidity and a breeze tomorrow high of eighty two it's eighty three and olivetti eighty in high ridge eightyone downtown at the arch i'm brad shout kmox news time eight oh six he was a member of the pennant winning saint louis cardinals in nineteen eighty five and nineteen eightyseven in fact he recorded the last out of game seven of the nineteen eightyseven and lcs a fly ball to left field that vince coleman caught a game that danny cox finished the former cardinal danny cox is with us i'm tom ackerman in this edition of cable x profiles welcome to profiles from entertainers to athletes political leaders entrepreneurs profiles gives you an insight into what has made these unique personalities who and what they are today now profiles.

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