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The Salem media group on the NASDAQ as SA L M. Does this hour from townhall dot com. Patrick paused. Trump addressed a rally in Johnson city, Tennessee. Telling voters to be aware of his democratic opponents. They're only good at one thing. They stick together like glue. That's it. They have bad policy, frankly, the bad politicians. Everything's bad. But they stick together we have to be very careful, they'll take everything including your second amendment. They'll take everything away. Also, the rally Mr. Trump spoke strongly against how Democrats have opposed supreme court nominee. Brad kavanagh. They've been trying to destroy him since the very first second day was announced because they know the judge gavel will follow the constitution as written. The White House has given the FBI Clarence data view anyone who wants to by the end of the week as part of the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against the supreme court nominee. President Trump is celebrating every North American trade deal with Canada and Mexico. The most important trade deal we've ever made by far the president says NAFTA is no more. Now, it's the US Mexico Canada agreement US MCI saying at a rose garden celebration the deal covering more than a trillion dollars in trade will send money pouring into the US and help the other two nations. But while he's vowing to sign it by late November. He's not at all confident, congress will ratify it. Saga megani? Washington where the twelve hundred people have been confirmed dead from an Indonesian earthquake Tom house with the aid group save the children's says it's difficult to get into the area that has been most affected. The airport has been closed for four rounds for the last two days. Just reopened and overseeing limited flights at the moment and the priorities for humanitarian aid, which is correct Fridays. Magnitude seven point five quake, destroyed thousands of homes. This is townhall dot com. Stocks and options trading involves financial risk, and it's not suitable for all investors. Big guys that Scott Bauer here CEO prosper Trading Academy..

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