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And he's got a lot plan for missouri missouri to be successful i wanted to be successful for children are grandkids understand it's going to take a lot of extra effort of a lot of work the opposite governor will be here it was here long before i got here and it will be here long after i'm gone and we're going to try to do what we tell people to hear the complete interview would cammo extra lyrical analyst john hancock dot com state i love the people in the state now back to profiles on the voice of saint louis i'm tom ackerman danny cox is our guest on cable x profiles the former cardinals with us world champion with the toronto blue jays and a great friend of whitey herzog he's not only your former manager but he's a friend tell me about fishing with whitey herzog i have to think hundreds maybe approaching the thousands with the white rat me and read have droughted many worm together there's no doubt you know he comes out to my place lot and i've been in places around where i live where he's got some pretty good hookups and we go out there and just get out there and shoot the breeze and talk about what's going on here and always ask him questions about the game of baseball because how he perceives things of when he played and how the times have changed in the game he still on top of everything i mean he's he would be a great person in major league baseball to understand the changes in have the opportunity to to to voices view about all that kind of stuff and oh what a genuine caring personality as does a lot of charity work and and stays involved with that but he loves to fish and you know everything's a two pounder the matter how big it is everything's a two pounder but i've i've hunted with them i used to have an rv jump in with me and we drive over to south dakota and we pull the trigger on some pheasants and stuff so the relationship that i had with whitey and.

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