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We're going to be diving inside the mind the arctic push this hour with three women who have spent a lot of time in the water with them joining us this hour is kelly voss she's a doctoral student at the university of california at santa cruz in the department of ecology and evolutionary behavior high kelly welcome to one a happy to be here and sign montgomery who is a naturalist and a documentary filmmaker and the author of more than twenty bucks on animals including the best seller of the soul of an octopus say surprising exploration into the wonder of consciousness high sigh welcome to the program thank you and joining us in a little bit we're going to be joined by dennis staff she's a science writer and the author of a new book called squid empire the rise and fall of the settler pods i wanna start with the discovery that i just mentioned a minute or so ago kelley w what what actually happened what did tell us the story of this students discovery so a few years ago latest start at it takes a while to define a new species so an undergraduate in my masters lab noticed that we had these octopuses being pulled up by alaskan fishermen that had really interesting physical differences from the normal giant pacific octopus that we were expecting so the first thing we noticed that there were two spots in a place where there should be one big white spot like on the kind of the front of the head and then giant zivie octopuses have kind of two spikes that come out of the top of their eyes and these ones that were branch they look kinda like slingshots but and they also added that definitive frill than that name that were calling them the frilled pacific octopus as a frill around the edge of their head on and it's the mantle so it's kind of the bag shape that's on the back of stock this has had an and this was something new these tomiko formations had never been seen before never been seen in this combination before not in this.

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