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Seats and there was lots of Republicans who thought they could win. Lee Carter seat back for example. Organic Arom CPAC. They Democrats kept all of those seats. Delegate Davis what has been from your perspective what has been the effect of Donald Trump on Virginia politics. Donald Trump is very unique the politics because he didn't win because he's a Republican and I think we've seen that so much after he won where people thought I could just say. I'm pro trump and I went in area in other states and they lose. I don't believe back then. People supported supported Bernie Sanders in the primary or supported Donald Trump because they were Republicans or Democrats. They were looking for an authentic person. Who was going to do what they said they were going to do. I think one thing we can all agree on is like it or not. Donald Trump has done with donald trump. Said he was going to do and I think we all agree. That had Bernie won the primary back. Then and became President Bernie was going to do what Bernie said he was going to both of them kind of broke the mold of the traditional politician of letting salt and make them into who they wanna be so they can win. That didn't and both of them ran on the whole concept of Washington's broken and it doesn't take a five year old to figure out that Washington was broke so any fast forward and you say okay. Republicans are running and you have you know trump and and the Democrats wanted to hang around so many Republicans net and I don't think a lot of Republicans knew how to message this. Look I mean yes. I don't like sometimes the tweets about most the tweets. I wish he would. You know kind of relax a little on that but what I don't understand. Donald Trump's entrepreneur first and foremost period end of story. It's there's a problem. We have to have a solution if you look over time in his history he has not been known for putting his head in the sand on an issue. Has He always got the right? No but he a stick his head in the sand and say Oh my God. This caused problems on the back end. And we've seen that as president so let me ask you. A question wins the last time you were scared. At North Korea was going to escalate. And we'RE GONNA end up in escalate into another third war the war because I had a fear that we escalating prior to his election. A lot of people did and I haven't had that fear in a long time. Do you not like the unemployment rate that up until recently we experienced not like the lowest unemployment rate for minorities that we had experienced. Do not like some of the negotiations that we've done and keep in mind that all this has been done during the first time in history that I can remember a president being hammer day in and day out by multiple media outlets and he's managed to get this done so look no one's perfect but if anyone sits back in a closed room and thinks that Donald Trump has not had a accomplished anything. Good for the people. They're not being honest with themselves. Doesn't mean you agree with them doesn't mean you would vote for him but you have to give the man credit on a few things and if you remember when he became president the Republican Party the Republican leadership in Congress. Wasn't that thrilled with them. He wasn't there for politics as usual. He was there to break the mold that everyone knew was broken. Matt what you see on your end from roanoke so when it comes to me and Donald trump it it's southwest. Virginia embraced trump. And I didn't understand the guy again and get it. I truthfully I talk about how it's almost like Dr Strangelove and how I learned to love the bomb. It's like you know Donald Trump and how I learned to love the trump because at first I just tweets the speeches. This that that the other eight just makes you wanNA scream speaking as a Christian and knowing that South West Virginia is a God fearing place. I would say that a lot of things that Donald Trump says does should be out of step with that demographic. Oh it should be. Let me be very clear there. We are chuck full of. I remember there was a political cartoon that came out and it had. It was a older Caucasian tea party couple and it said we want a man who fears. God. So we're going to choose. A Guy who owned casinos had three wives. So the thing about it was as we had to. I had to learn to accept that. Like he's going to tweet some stupid stuff. He's GonNa do some things I disagree with but at the same time we've got to the Best Supreme Court justices you could ever ask for as Republicans. Now you may disagree with me. Thomas but neal. Gorsuch is amazing. Brett cavenaugh is amazing. You know we have to. We have two hundred plus federal judges. Thank you Mitch. Mcconnell thank you Mitch. Mcconnell We have these judges. We have a tax cut. We have things that any Republican would've don't and so it's kind of in acceptance thing. It was just that my folks down here in southwest Virginia. If you read the best book to describe the Twenty Sixteen election was Hillbilly Elegy. Jd Vance great band Great Great Book and I read it days after the two thousand sixteen election. Because I said around and I was like we just elected a reality TV star is president and I read that book and I talked to. You know my you know. I think about people like my parents who grew up poor in South West Virginia. They didn't have a whole lot and they wanted to bake a better life. You know my dad gets up every morning at four. Am to go to work at five. Am To be a mechanic and he just wants somebody to listen to them. And that's the problem. As Republicans is we've become technocratic and we talk about capital gains taxes. But we don't talk to people like my dad. He's in a Kanak and he you would tell me all the time matthew. Donald Trump speaks to me in a way that nobody else ever did. Romney didn't speak to me this way. You know John McCain did speak to me this way. There is some kind of authenticity at least in the perceived populism that cuts through especially to a large population that skeptical of honest leadership in both parties right. And so. That's that's something that you know we've had to you know and I'd take it a step further. Glenn when it comes to his tweets in its own I'd love to take Donald Trump's phone and smash it with a sledgehammer. How what we have to talk about the good things. He's doing that. He's trying to get these things done and you know. I really think that he's changed the conversation but there is but from that we've had some positive things happen in our economy. You know before Cova now I think it'll rebound after Kovin that you know. He's done some positive things in one thing. You know taking it back to the party right. So the Democrats came after all of us Withhold DONALD TRUMP thing. I mean my race alone. They tried to hang donald trump around my neck. They spent over a million dollars against me. Mike to near coal back in June was forty two Republican forty one democrat. You know very much. A swing district I get outspend almost five to one. I spent two hundred and fifty thousand my punishment over a million And I didn't run away from trump. I literally the whole day on our work the largest democratic district. It's Kinda grew up there. always lose it big democratic coal. But I didn't run away from trump when people came by. I said you know nice to meet you. I love your support and they always ask Him Republican or Democrat and Republican that Supports Donald Trump. We'd had that conversation of why because I truly believe if you have that dialogue once again. No one's perfect but if you have the dialogue of why I supported asa why I support why you know you look at Donald Trump and and some people want to say he doesn't look out for those most in need among us really cadaval tax plan to people not realize that he that there was a refundable tax credit the child of the childcare tax credit. That gutting you've got the increased so those that actually don't make enough to pay taxes got an increase in their refundable tax credits money in their pocket. So there's so much out there that people just want to go after they don't understand that there is you. There's a lot that he has accomplished for the good once again. Not Saying that you know people have to support or not support him. But I think the day there's a counterbalance there and that dialogue does get you. Moderate voters coming over. We just knew how to handle that last year. In my opinion Donald Trump's values seem to be incongruent with Republican values. And I say that Speaking as a former Republican myself I don't think I've talked about this on the podcast yet. I actually left the Republican Party when I was nineteen years old which you know very young in the grand scheme of things but I was. It was two thousand nine and actually voted a straight ticket. Believe it or not Republican for the last time of my life that year And then very quickly when the tea party took over I was out and I kind of see the Donald trump is kind of the culmination of all the things in my mind that I saw impending in. The party's do back in two thousand nine. At least speaking from the perspective of somebody who grew up in. Centerville Virginia suburbs of Washington. Dc A very Reagan Republican Neighborhood and Previously represented by Tim Hugo for a very long time my My Home District was So what is the future of the Republican Party And what policies should Republicans start pursuing in order to win that majority back. Well let me let me start just really quick before we go on that because you know you made a statement there that you know trump really doesn't kind of fit inside that Republican mold and what people need remember. Trump isn't a Republican I. He's an entrepreneur. I I did trump. I trump you know people think of him. He's a reality star that became president He's an entrepreneur that became president the reality pieces part of the whole entrepreneurial thing right I mean. That's the crazy part. You write a lot of stuff. He does may not fit the republican mold. I remember when Pat Buchanan wanted to play. The isolationist game I was at a I was young. I was thinking high school at the time and I remember being against this I don't believe in isolation isolationism however when trump was doing it it was a negotiation leverage. Piece that he was using with other countries now I'm not privy none of us were privy to sit at the negotiating tables. But I believe that you don't be coming success on the world stage without knowing the shake a hand and when the slam door and Howdy used leverage so to the extent that I saw what transpired with Korea when he wanted to play the game of China. I realize. I'm not gonNA play Armchair quarterback on isolationist policy. When I know that the whole point of negotiations I is to make sure that you've got the leverage to get someone to do what you want them to do. Now we take that forward into your question of okay. What is your party go now? It is a little bit like that. We need to go back to being the Party of solutions by George Allen George Allen got elected on ideas we had The the whole reform parole that he put in place he reformed met of welfare reform. Back in ninety five or the became the model for so many other states Bob McDonnell in the bopper jobs scenario talking about what all you know a Virginians care about justice reform and somewhere along the line. We stopped being the Party of taking on big ideas and coming up with solutions to last huge idea that we had as a party that we took on. Obviously very controversial was a transportation plan. Right I mean. Give me something that we've done since then that is of that stature. The transportation plan the welfare reform plan. You know Abolishment OF PAROLE ON ISSUES. That people care about around the kitchen table is what? Donald Trump realized. Don't talk to three thousand foot view on something that philosophy talked about what all Americans care about around the kitchen table and bring solutions Fulmar. Bassett do thank you Davis and Matt. You are a millennial Republican. So what do you want to see your party champion on? Its way back to the majority one day that I want to champion that. The message the message of conservatism is a message for all people. The message of free markets and free people is a message of all people because and we're starting to see that by good people like Denver Reagan. You Know Denver. I've for a long time. I've been outspoken about the fact that I believe in marriage equality. I believe you know. And that's very contrary to what's in southwest Virginia Republican politics they. That's very to the contrary vite. I approach it as an issue of conservatism and saying government shouldn't be allowed to tell me who I can and cannot be with and government should approach the issue that we're all human beings we all have worth and we all contribute to society no matter who the good Lord made us to be and and we're seeing that with Denver riggleman and in the thing I want to say in the right direction was when Congressman Riggleman married a gay couple and put it in the Washington Post a lot of people in the Republican Party.

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