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Person somebody into their home. before you can even get you shot dead in his own hole. Geiger's attorneys argued that she had worked a long overtime shift and did not notice that she'd entered the wrong apartment. Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman told CBS sixty minutes that he takes full responsibility for the grisly killing and dismemberment of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi but he denied ordering the assassination check. absolutely not this was a heinous crime I can see when I take full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia. really since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government. contrary to been salt mines the Nile the CIA reportedly concluded last year that he did order the assassination the CIA report remain secret a judge in New York ordered the departments of state and defense last month after originally released thousands of pages of documents related to construct is killing the documents were requested under the freedom of information act U. N. special rapporteur Agnes calamari carried out an investigation which concluded there was credible evidence warranting further investigation of high level Saudi officials individual liability in the killing including that of the crown prince calamari joined other free press advocates and lawmakers to mark this week's first anniversary of the show goes murder in an apparent reboot view to president trump's repeated statements about the US strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia Gallimard said such considerations should not take priority over justice no country should be able to buy their way out of accountability no matter their influence strategy credit runs no matter the nature of their friendship. column are also urged approval of U. S. legislation requiring the director of national intelligence to determine who was responsible for ordering planning carrying out and covering up to showcase murder without naming trump calamari criticize what she called the shameful photo that showed trump smiling and standing next to been fall mon at the G. twenty meeting this summer she said next year's G. twenty summit should not be held in the Saudi capital as planned but is held there this summer should discuss press freedom human rights democratic values. former national security adviser John Bolton gave a characteristically pessimistic outlook on the prospects for getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons as he made his first public appearance since president trump ousted him from his post earlier this month Bolton challenged a centerpiece of trump's foreign policy without directly discussing the president and the speech today to a career in security form of the question and answer session that followed he made it clear that he expects little also come from the talks even though Kim Jong un has halted nuclear weapons tests. fired Bolton this month amid policy disagreements over North Korea and other issues Kevin McAleese reports from Washington can Germans regime has not made a strategic decision to give up its nuclear weapons the words of John Bolton on Mondays he shared his assessment of one of Donald trump's key foreign policy goals speaking at a DC think tank Bolton said the north Korean leader will do whatever he can to keep deliverable atomic arms and may even attempt to enhance and develop his nuclear program further the February nuclear summit between trump and Kim collapsed after North Korea refused to commit the steps to denuclearize despite Pyongyang ramping up missile tests of the last six months during the recent you and General Assembly trump said third summit with Kim could happen soon Kevin McAleese at Washington. north Korea's decrying the stalled state of its nuclear standoff with the United States and telling the international community that the fault lies with U. S. political and military provocations north Korea's U. N. ambassador Kim song spoke at the U. N. General Assembly saying sensei whose story first summit last year the two countries have made little progress so far and have not emerge from a vicious cycle of increased tension he says it's up to the U. S. whether the negotiations will become a window of opportunity or an occasion that will hasten the crisis negotiations have apparently been frozen since a second summit between president Donald Trump a north Korean leader Kim Jong on broke down in February. dozens of people rallied in San Francisco today in solidarity with thousands of people who were marching in Haiti calling for the ouster of president Juvenal Maurice the same voice is corrupt and abuses human rights the San Francisco based Haiti action committee organize a rally in front of the federal courthouse to denounce the US backing for Morris's regime love once the air is the co founder of the Haiti action committee. conditions.

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