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And then they'd dump it quickly So the FCC said no no no you have to hold it for three years Well at that point no venture capitalists would be interested in something that had that type of a time frame They don't want it dictated to them So that let them out The banks would only loan like a couple times cash flow because it's not a business that has hard assets like tables and shares or ovens or something And so it kept the oh yeah and you can only own 7 of them 7 a.m. 7 FM and 7 TV only 5 of which could be these So it kept it a small man's game for the most part And I was laughing about plow last night But that notwithstanding most of this was not big corporations owning radio station to ensure the networks had theirs but that was a different deal But for the most part you look at the great radio stations and we can laugh about the eatons and hate them all we want but they were individual owners You don't see that anymore Right Little James Brown here Well that's right Of course Wi to be B of course And yeah it wasn't that unusual And just a lot of people who would otherwise you wouldn't think would be radio station owners you know even the guys who own the chains like paglin ray with okay broadcasting Stanley ray and Jules paglin were certainly a pair to say the least So there were a lot of people like that Jack Roth at mission who had cono and kitty and San Antonio And just a lot you know I can think of some Taliban so many people who were just independent owners that were by the seat of their pants And you know if they did something wrong they didn't have to answer to a bank or a board of directors Right So of course they could be creative What do they have to lose They had I mean you know we had nothing to lose If it failed you just started over again Well that's exactly it And you didn't have debt service So that was a perfectly fine thing And that's what made it good and made it exciting And sadly I hope one day we'll get back to that but I don't see it anytime soon I would normally say well the Internet will supplant that But the problem with the Internet is that eviscerates the law of supply and demand If you don't know what's there you're not going to find it All right you got to have something You have to have something But the other thing I wanted to say before I go and hear the other callers because I know that people have some interesting stories that the thing is that where else could you hear that music Because as a kid a white kid growing up in a big city like this in the same thing And Chicago or wherever you were Cleveland Pittsburgh I mean where would you hear this stuff You went to the black stations I mean and let's face it guys without the black seas you wouldn't have rock and roll Oh absolutely But sure you went to that And just like in the south you'd go to the beach where all the jukeboxes would be packed with it And that was the crime about calling it beach music If she couldn't go back and say let's hear those race records You'd be thrown out of your house So let's hear that beach music That music we heard at the beach And that was the euphemism for all the early Atlantic stuff and all that But sure It was terrific And most of the radio stations that aired it were like I was saying like a WO PA like a sonderling where they were selling it by the hour or Al leaner when he said you can't be a preacher himself time Okay I'll be a disjunction I think it's great And they didn't care what those guys do I mean the only thing that they were eating they just don't lose a license Some of that goes on today though and some of these I've heard some of these stations they do broke at a time Of course they do Of course they do And I'll tell you sadly some of the best stuff is on public radio not nationally but a little shows that will be on some station There was a guy in New Mexico said that he died recently but had a great all these show And you can find it on the public stations Moon man here on High school station Well I love the moon man I was about to call him what he was called at the time You can't say that anymore but he loved loved the moon man He was great And I understand somebody told me the more better man died I hope that's not true but I've heard Oh yeah I'm not sure I think I heard that too He was so good He was a cab driver with the best oldies collection in D.C. He was on WL Of course the great soul rocker of the east coast and his mother sold Avon products Oh wow My mama selling products I think I've got narrative of it So yeah but the best oldies just the best It was a great time Yeah Well thanks for doing this This is really great And I'm going to email you Okay I'll look forward to it Okay thanks Thanks for calling Appreciate it All right we'll get to Pam who's the first time caller in Burlington don't go away Pam We've got Tom and there's room for you too coming up on WGN radio Ray.

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