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Dictator manuel noriega is being remembered as a ruthless strongman of volatile cia operative and of brash drug trafficker noriega was removed from office when the nineteen eighty nine us invasion of panama he died last night in a panamanian hospital after complications from brain surgery he was eighty three in paris carry khan has more manuel noriega ruled panama through much of the ninety navies crushing democratic rule at home running drugs and money laundering operations for colombian drug traffickers and maintaining under radical alliance with the us this guy is a very very shrewd operator former journalist john dingell wrote the book our man in panama that noriega and is complicated relationship with the americans he was a very very important asset for the cia to keep track of what was going on in central america noriega was the us backed anticommunist efforts in both nicaragua now salvador at the time says dennis always more an opportunist than ideolog noriega also managed to maintain good relations with the us is number one communist enemy in the hemisphere cuba's fidel castro but nineteen eighty five us patients with noriega seemed to run out evidence mounted at this prolific drug trafficking in alliances with colombian cocaine smugglers while noriega's illicit fortune ballooned growing as high as three hundred million dollars according to us prosecutors noriega's love for womanising in whisky grew to as did is belligerence toward the us liking this infamous political rally in the late nineteen navies when the dictator brandished a machete and defy us pressure on him to stand down this machete represents the dignity of the lift panama a gallup has repeatedly struck the weapon on the podium in late december nineteen eighty nine and unarmed us soldier was killed that set the stage or was the skis many analysts said for george h w bush to invade panama as president i have no higher obligation than to safeguard the lives of the american citizens and that is why at our armed forces to protect the lives of american citizens in panama and bring general noriega the justice in the united states at the time it was the biggest us military operations since the vietnam war twenty seven thousand troops quickly toppled panama small defense forces twenty three americans died as did hundreds.

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