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I would recommend you go to learn how to work this some top Malysz bottomland. Also, I wanna put to bed some rumors that got started about a week or two ago when I was talking about drinking beer and being on a diet. My lustrous wife, Kristen joins me on the podcast is we shoot shit talk about our trip. All the things we got going on. And I doubt if use dissect and digest and shit out a bunch of answers about my relationship and my habits with alcohol and food and working out and DDP, yoga and everything. So I'm answering all the questions and putting all the bullshit arrest. Stay tuned because I'm going to cover that in the second half. The podcast want to shine at first spotlight on doctor, Tom Prichard as we continue our conversation. And then we're going to bring it home. I'm gonna tell you right now told my wife, I said hit been on his damn eating program for about thirty two days, we go into sushi tonight, get a cheap meal. So dig the podcast Simion suggestion comment or question to questions Steve Austin, show dot com. If you've got any kind of comments or want to ask me a question or asked me to talk to somebody, and that's the bottom line. Let's kick it up. Let's start it up and put this motherfucker emotion. Duck top rigid. Stakes for the two thousand eighteen college football season their highest point right now is not a Bama Clemson. Notre Dame are the teams to beat. And if that's not enough tension for you, the NBA NHL seasons have just begun as teams of striving for early dominance, the nuggets. Raptors in defending champion warriors are all starting off at a very high note, and in the NHL, the predators, and the lightning are leading the pack with the best records..

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