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More <Speech_Male> family oriented <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Measures <Speech_Male> would you like to see <Speech_Male> what's the best <Speech_Male> way. This is a huge <Speech_Male> huge lift. <Speech_Male> What would be <Speech_Male> the best way <Speech_Male> forward. One <Speech_Male> one <SpeakerChange> big package <Speech_Female> or two. <Speech_Female> I like one big package. <Speech_Female> Because i think <Speech_Female> to them at a <Speech_Female> thinking about <Speech_Female> infrastructure as just <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> a <Speech_Female> physical structures <Speech_Female> and not <Speech_Female> looking at the care <Speech_Female> economy. Where <Speech_Female> so many women <Speech_Female> need to get <Speech_Female> back to work and hardly <Speech_Female> gonna do that. So many <Speech_Female> women left the job. <Speech_Female> Market during <Speech_Female> the pandemic <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> of they need childcare. <Speech_Female> They need access <Speech_Female> to to <Speech_Female> all of those kinds of <Speech_Female> programs and <Speech_Female> not as just as <Speech_Female> much part of infrastructure <Speech_Female> as we look <Speech_Female> at getting people back <Speech_Female> to work. <Speech_Female> There's that <Speech_Female> that's why. Joe biden <Speech_Female> is calling at the <Speech_Female> job creation flash. <Speech_Female> Build back <Speech_Female> better <SpeakerChange> plan. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> And that's <Speech_Female> the. I would <Silence> like <Speech_Female> as big <Speech_Female> a plan <Speech_Female> as possible <Speech_Female> to meet the needs <Speech_Female> of <Speech_Female> our country <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> and the nissan great <Speech_Female> maybe people <Speech_Female> wall street there <Speech_Female> now. The a <Speech_Female> one percent <Speech_Female> of corporations and <Speech_Female> The richest <Speech_Female> people. They're doing fine. <Speech_Female> But i think neither <Speech_Female> allow people <Speech_Female> people were <Speech_Female> still not <Speech_Female> working and they <Speech_Female> still assure agreed <Speech_Female> with iran and put <Speech_Female> literally put <Speech_Female> the. There is <Speech_Female> massive food <Speech_Female> insecurity in our <Speech_Female> country. Still <Speech_Female> waiting <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> big and doobie <Speech_Male> ready to put joe mansion <Speech_Male> in a <SpeakerChange> headlock <Speech_Music_Male> to get that done. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> He does sit <Speech_Female> in front of me. But i haven't <Speech_Female> got to <SpeakerChange> kiss <Speech_Female> year or <Speech_Female> whatever. <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> The <Speech_Female> bottom line is <Speech_Female> as democrats. You wanna <Speech_Female> do things that healthy. <Speech_Female> Not screw them over <Speech_Female> so. <Speech_Female> I hope that <Speech_Female> that joe will come <Speech_Female> to the realization that <Speech_Female> we can't get <Speech_Female> these things on <Speech_Female> If the <Speech_Female> republicans are <Speech_Female> going to continue to <Speech_Female> stymie efforts. <Speech_Female> And i think all <Speech_Female> indications are <Speech_Female> they will do that because <Speech_Female> mcconnell school <Speech_Female> in life is to take back <Speech_Female> the senate which <Speech_Female> means he does a lot. Joe <Speech_Female> biden's big <Speech_Female> proposals <Speech_Female> to succeed. <Speech_Female> So <Speech_Female> i think <Speech_Female> we democrats know that <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> and we should <Silence> plan accordingly <Speech_Male> center. <Speech_Male> Thank you so much for your time. <Speech_Male> The book is called heart <Speech_Telephony_Male> of fire and immigrant. <Speech_Male> Daughter story <Speech_Male> cetera. <SpeakerChange> Thank <Speech_Music_Male> you so much for being <Speech_Music_Male> on. It's all political. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> Thank you <Speech_Music_Male> thank you so much. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> I'd like to thank <Speech_Music_Male> you all from listening <Speech_Music_Male> and hope that you <Speech_Music_Male> and your family are safe <Speech_Music_Male> and healthy. <Speech_Music_Male> I'd like to thank senator <Speech_Music_Male> geraldo for joining <Speech_Music_Male> us today. I'd <Speech_Music_Male> like to thank. the <Speech_Music_Male> king. webby <Speech_Music_Male> nominated producer <Speech_Music_Male> king kaufman <Speech_Music_Male> for producing <Speech_Music_Male> this episode <Speech_Music_Male> and a shoutout for <Speech_Music_Male> fabulous theme music. <Speech_Music_Male> That's cattle <Speech_Music_Male> call written by <Speech_Music_Male> randy clark <Speech_Music_Male> and performed by randy <Speech_Music_Male> clark and crow song <Speech_Music_Male> and remember <Speech_Music_Male> no matter <Speech_Male> whether you were <Speech_Male> an immigrant to america <Speech_Male> or a native american. <Speech_Male> It's <Speech_Male> all political <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Silence> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> in the nineteen <Speech_Male> seventies in <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the gay bars of san <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> francisco killer <Speech_Music_Male> hidden in plain <Speech_Music_Male> sight. Alert <Speech_Music_Male> his victims by drawing <Speech_Music_Male> their portrait <Speech_Music_Male> and when he had them alone <Speech_Music_Male> heat unleashes <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> fatal rage. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> The call them <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> the deuba. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> I'm kevin <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> fagan. I ve been <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> at the san francisco chronicle <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> for twenty eight <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> years. I've <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> covered serial killers <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> from coast to coast. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> And this do case <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> really bothers <Speech_Music_Male> me. The most <Speech_Music_Male> prolific <Speech_Music_Male> and modern <Speech_Music_Male> history is still <Speech_Music_Male> walking free here the untold story of the dealer. Wherever you get your podcast.

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