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Zone. Welcome back to the Enzo gave me Morris Dennis 50 and met the hitman Miz Lor and the Taj Mahal. And as I said, with John, born from the Wolverine will be joining us in the years on the other life. Good afternoon, John Borden. How are you doing today, sir? I am doing, uh better than anybody this side of Tampa Bay. My friend. I'm doing very good. Your man one You're feeling good about yourself. I'm feeling good about it. Now, the only time you know if I was a betting man, I wouldn't be on with you today because I'd be somewhere on my yacht. Find it find a foul that kind of if I put my money where my mouth it What was last September? Sometime when all this was getting going, You know I'd be I'd be off somewhere in the In the Caribbean. But as it is, I'm still doing pretty darn well. And obviously so is one former Wolverine. Well, John as it applies to Michigan football after watching the Super Bowl. If you have trouble with your offensive line, you're gonna have trouble with your quarterback. Even if you have Patrick Mahomes like you've got to have time to be able to set up and get the ball downfield on the flip side. If you can get a pass Rush was just four guys. There wasn't much Blitzen that was going on by the defensive coordinator for Tampa Todd Bulls. He basically went with his front four. If you can get a rush and put pressure on the quarterback with the front four. I know it's all pretty sounds pretty elementary and everything, but That was the game in a nutshell. Now and you come back to Michigan football. Say, get some blocking up front and get some pressure with your four guys you're gonna be doing all right next year. There you go Find a couple and down it consumes along the way, but that I agree with you That and what preceded that, though, was the fact that you're swapping field goals for touchdown. I mean, at first, Tampa Bay was looking like they'd looked in a couple of the games recently. Where, Okay, It's not happening early, and the other team was moving it. But then they get it down there and that the defense stiffened up and they Ah, you know, a Zay said they're given field goals. They started taking touchdowns and that Really built for the mo mentum of the Buccaneers, and then they really they just turned the defensive. Kleiman loose on. Homes, and it just got Uglier and uglier. If you were looking for Casey, repeat I could do it again. You're listening to John. Born from the Wolverine down. I contested this game was over before it even got started. When you have a team and it Z like football, Lord When you're in the Super Bowl, the team has to be You can't have anything happened. They had that unfortunate thing that coach Reed's son, Brett got into an accident and there's a little girl to kids in the hospital and Brett had to get had surgery also, but that kind of tilt throws you off. Even it wasn't like a You know what the Super Bowl once they would go down a week before do all the media. They had to do that from Kansas City? So I mean, Only part that was the Super Bowl was the Sunday I mean, other than that, you know it. It just didn't have the same field. As for Kansas City, So when they came in, I I agree. It looked like There. You know, the Buccaneers weren't going to come out and play and do the different things. But they turned it up pretty quick. Once the defense came alive, and they help they help the Chiefs to AH, field goal. No doubt that the biggest surprise to me was the ease with which they did it once they got going because, you know, that hasn't been the way you seen Tom Brady. Bring them back the Patriots back from Way behind against Atlanta and have all these other close battle to the end Super Bowls with Seattle and others and and, uh, this one it was. I mean, it was almost too easy and it gets you thinking. You know what with that defense With the weapons that he has around him The way he still looks a 43. Why not do it at 44 or maybe 45? I'm I'm not ready to hop off this train yet. I'm not either, and he said he was coming back. I Aziz, much as we watch Michigan football and try to dissect everything that's going on. You mentioned the East, the simplicity there. Which you know Tom Brady. It was like, run the ball mixing the screen. Take some shots. You know, Kansas City is one of the most penalized team. So take some shots downfield. All of the things that you would say, Hey, you know, you know you don't have to be a football genius. Why don't you do this? They did him and with Like you say relative ease, but it seemed like a pretty simple game plan. Hey, just do this to take advantage of where you have, where you where you feel like, you know, you might have it an advantage when you're lining them up, and that's Tampa Bay did a lot of teams could learn from that. Yeah, I thought those screens and the little rub routes and things that they ran early with Gronkowski. I mean, it was just it was perfect. It took advantage of Casey's aggressiveness it you know, you're not having to depend on Brady toe. Unlike me, he can do it, but he wasn't having to unload the 40 45 yards. Deep balls. You know, he slips the past somebody and they've overcommitted and, uh, And now, all the sudden bit the big guys in the end zone celebrating and it was just, um You know it. It was fun to see. It get completed in the way it did. And I enjoyed the fact that the team that decided that baby Tom was getting a little close to the end was watching it all on television rather than participating..

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