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Not to make this national show feel home ary by talking about my Chicago Bears too much. In fact, I think I've downplayed them all season long, and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I just decided screw and I am going all in on the bandwagon for this team. And we're going to start bringing more Chicago talked to the Airways because they go to for you. Yeah. Earned it. And I think I actually haven't given them enough credit and that brings us to our next guest on the shell Pennzoil performance line. ESPN the MAG feature writer Wayne draperies just wrote a great feature on the Chicago Bears. Head coach Matt Nagy and Wayne banks from. Making time for us. I love this story. And I love the fact that it was about a decade ago that Matt Nagy found himself out of football. Not sure what to do and trying to become a guy working in a home building operation. Tell us about this point in Matt Nagy journey. It's pretty wild story, sir. But I'll be honest. I almost just as impressed by the restraint you showed at. How was that? Professional, man. I'm a pro. All right. All right. Yeah. I'm Matt story of you know, the arena league folding, you know, about eleven years ago and deciding to literally put football in his past, and he talked was wife Stacey. And and they came in agreement. The best thing for their family of four boys was into starting new career, and he literally had to basically beg- this prominent executives in the new home construction operation in Pennsylvania to give him a job that the guys named Larry wisdom told me he had zero intention of ever hiring that he had zero experience is time and the economy, we're in a recession, and it was really a bad time for real estate. And he goes how in the world am I gonna hire this guy with no experience, even forget higher go to dinner with them? But he agrees to do it. And as many of us have seen. Especially here in Chicago over the course of the last year. Matt sort of charismatic personality there's convincing ways there's a dhoti to communicate and kind kinda rally people around him, energize, the sky, and and got a job out of it where believe it or not. He was pretty darn good selling homes. Wayne, obviously when you set out to write a story there's research, and there are things that probably you expect to learn about. But what surprised you most about Matt Nagy in your research and reporting on this story. You know, the thing that surprised me feel was just, you know, everybody when when a team is six, so, you know, this everybody says, only the positives right about the coaches and the players, you know, everyone was destined for this moment, and and so on and so forth. But when it came to Matt at the people that I talked to the way the way they've Ouch for him the way, they speak for him was really really impressive. I mean, I spoke to you know, Brett vizsla Jim of the chiefs briefly this week. And I asked him I said, look, I said Matt still I think thirty youngest coach in the NFL right now. You know, what what is his fuming? What is his potential as a coach? 'cause you know, we've seen a lot of coaches come in. I mean, you can say, you know, dick Gerard come in. Chicago has a great season. And they never sort of get back to that. So I was curious what he would say. And not only did he see you know, that the history was the sky's the limit of. It'd been shave. But but that's what he said. He said, look he goes someone with his leadership and his ability and his knowledge of the game. He said I knew he would be a darn good coach he just needed to get the break and the bears game that break. So just the way people talk about Matt and sort of Ouch. You're really really impressed me talking to Wayne Reyes ESPN dot com about Chicago Bears. Coach Matt Nagy, you know, the bears obviously gave him that break in terms of the head coach position. But back when he was working for that homebuilding company. He got an offered for an internship with the eagles, and he.

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